The ‘snow’ Must Go on for Radfield Home Care

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the snow must go on for radfield home care

Tracey Pickton, care manager, managing care calls in the latest snowy conditions

For many of us during severe weather conditions, our main concern will be our journey to work or getting the children to school on time. However, for home care workers, severe weather conditions bring additional challenges to overcome.

Radfield Home Care specialise in caring for older people, promoting their independence and enabling them to continue living at home. The branch is based in Battle and although the location provides easy access to larger towns, many of our clients live in more rural communities which are hard to reach when the weather conditions become as difficult as they have been in recent weeks in the UK.

For most Radfield carers, their working day begins with their first care call at around 8 am, followed by at least 4 to 5 calls throughout the morning and the same again in the evening. Some of our client’s homes are only accessible via ungritted roads and in addition to the poor driving conditions, they have the added responsibility of making sure they arrive on schedule to enable medication, meals and personal care support is all provided at the right time.

Jessica Ager, senior carer commented, “We might be the only person our clients see all day and they rely on us to ensure they are warm, have eaten and are safe before we make our way home, often facing treacherous driving conditions. Being a carer is also about going the extra mile for the community, and we have taken people to important appointments and picked up their medication when it couldn’t be delivered during the snowy week.”

Tracey Pickton, care manager at Radfield Home Care Bexhill, Hastings & Battle, “Our staff are chosen because they share our passion for caring and have often cared for a loved one themselves. Life experiences such as these help them understand and meet the needs of our clients. For us and our carers, overcoming the snow and ice is part of the service and we do everything we can to ensure they are safe and well supported. Our priority will always be to look after our carers so that they can deliver the best care to our clients.”

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