Radfield Home Care Presents Ageing Risks to Older People at New Malden Baptist Church

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Picture: New Malden Baptist Church members enjoying the talk


Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow hosted an “interactive” talk on the challenges faced by older people on a daily basis at New Malden Baptist Church in South West London.

The presentation to approximately 40 people, highlighted a number of risks common to older people and offered possible solutions and preventive measures.

Michael, age 76, a former civil service auditor, found the presentation to be helpful. He said he learnt new things and enjoyed the fact that the audience could ask questions along the way.

The talk featured insights into ageing and its risks, such as social isolation, malnutrition, dehydration, fire risk, and dementia. An integral part of the talk included avoiding fraud amongst older people and the importance and types of Power of Attorney.

Joan, in her late 80s, who volunteered for 15 years with the Metropolitan Police said:

“It was very informative and well-presented. We could ask questions en route. The part about the two types of Power of Attorneys was very important.”


Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow showed they're dedicated to engaging with the local community and shared some of the benefits of home care, like having a care tailored to clients’ needs, only using carers when required and only paying for the care they need. They also highlighted the services they offer such as companionship, personal care, medication support and meal and shopping assistance, and dementia care.

radfield home care presents at new malden baptist church

Picture:  Magdalena Zieba, Registered Care Manager,  outlining risks faced by older people


Radfield Home Care’s Registered Care Manager, Magdalena Zieba, explained that Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe symptoms linked to cognitive impairment, which might affect decision-making, mobility or vision. She explained that Radfield Home Care offers free dementia awareness workshops to the public, which aim to help family and friends gain a better understanding of the disease and its impact.

If you would like to know more about the services that Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow offer, please contact them at 02086 109 778 or richmond.kingston@radfieldhomecare.co.uk.

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