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Doreen with Garden Angels Natalea and Lisa from Radfield Home Care

Natalea Haydon went above and beyond her role as Care Manager for Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood whilst supporting one of her clients, when she spotted a need that really did need addressing. When visiting one of her clients for the first time, it became clear that the client’s overgrown garden was becoming a real problem. The garden was starting to grow inside the house and ants were nesting in the kitchen. So to say the garden needed work was an understatement. After clearing a small pathway, it was obvious that Natalea needed the help of some professionals.

"Natalea is a real go-giver when it comes to her clients, particularly those that need additional support”, commented Jennie Bardrick, Director of Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood. “Whilst Natalea has only been providing support to Doreen for a short period of time, the relationship they have built was truly visible, and so trying to help Doreen sort her garden was an obvious thing for Natalea to do.” Doreen commented, “I have never met anyone as helpful as Natalea, she really is my guardian angel".

Reaching out. A 99 year old lady from Hutton who has no family or support network is looking for some support in sorting...

Posted by Natalea Haydon on Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Not sure where it would lead, Natalea posted some pictures of the garden on social media with a pledge for people to help her 99 year old client with an overgrown garden. The response from the local community was amazing, within a few hours, a team of ‘garden angels’ had been assembled and a date had been set for the big cut down.

Aided by Natalea, Doreen made sure she was ready for the day by putting on her best top, lipstick and sparkles. Natalea and Doreen welcomed the team with tea, biscuits and cakes to keep the energy levels high.

The ‘garden angels’ led by Tim Green of County Garden Management based in Chelmsford arrived early on Sunday morning with vans and equipment to attack the back garden. Work got underway quickly, and the eight, strong team of volunteers were all fascinated to see just how big the garden was once the cutting down began. In the front garden a local couple of volunteers, Sarah & Kiel, also did a tidy up, cutting back the hedges, digging up the weeds, cutting the grass and for the final touches, planting some flowers.

After 4 hours and seemingly endless bags of garden rubbish were taken through the small alley from the back garden, the first phase of the project was complete. Tim commented “The only disappointment was that there was no grass left underneath and so the garden looked a bit dry”. However, Doreen could not have been more pleased, as this has enabled her to not only access her garden again, but has removed the potential hazards in the kitchen. She said “I am so grateful that people have come to help me, they are some of the kindest people I have come across in 99 years”.

All of Doreen's Garden Angles

Tina Borris, a local neighbour who introduced Doreen to Radfield Home Care thinks it’s fantastic what Natalea, Sarah, Kiel, Tim and the team from County Garden Management have done saying “I couldn’t recommend these lovely people highly enough. We need to look out for our elderly friends and neighbours”.

And of course, in true Natalea and ‘garden angels’ style, the story doesn’t end there. Plans are being made for grass seed to be re-laid, and small furniture set to be donated, so that Doreen can enjoy a cup of tea in the garden with her sunglasses on. Who knows, maybe even a garden party for the big 100th birthday celebration!

Jennie and Lisa were inspired to launch Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood after seeing the many benefits experienced by their Nan from receiving care at home.

Please contact Jennie or Lisa to discuss ways in which we could help you or your loved ones on 01708 609 364 or email havering@radfieldhomecare.co.uk.

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