Sharon Dugmore - Care Manager


Sharon Dugmore - Care Manager

We would like to introduce you to Sharon Dugmore, care manager for the Radfield Home Care Herefordshire & South Shropshire branch.

Sharon has worked in the care sector for over 12 years, commencing her career as an older person’s carer. Sharon also holds invaluable experience supporting and enriching the lives of adults with physical and learning needs as a support worker.

As Sharon’s career progressed, she also managed and led individuals and teams to proactively support, improve and assist adults with learning needs to live independently.

Sharon holds an NVQ level 3 qualification in ‘Social Care’ and level 5 in ‘Management in Health and Social care’.

Throughout Sharon’s career, she has always enjoyed engaging with older people and respecting who they are, and their life choices.

Sharon explains, “Making a positive difference to the lives of older people has, and will always remain rewarding. The simplest of things can be a mountain to our clients, but when you see them able to climb the mountain, it’s just an amazing feeling!”