Business Start-up Diary: My Home Care Journey

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My Home Care Journey

Dawn Phillips is owner and Director of home care business Radfield Home Care. She officially launched her franchise business in Bromsgrove & Redditch in December 2016 and has kindly offered to share her franchise story. In her first edition, we enjoy hearing how the opportunity to start her own business came about.


The truth is typically much less sensational. Like businesses in any other sector, home care start-ups require more perspiration than inspiration in order to be successful. They also require positivity and the ability to see the upside in the challenges that a young business inevitably experiences.

I re-read the lines, I’m not sure how many times,

‘...As you were our very first branch manager for Radfield Home Care, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be our very first franchisee’.


I had of course known prior to the email that Radfield Home Care was developing the opportunity for people to buy a franchise in the company. I had worked for Radfield as a care manager and governance manager for over 5 years and had loved every minute of it, but had not for a single second considered becoming a franchise owner.

Events that lead to a decision...

Looking back on the events which lead to agreeing to start-up my own home care business, I picked up my phone and sent my husband a text message asking that he should come straight home after work as there was an important thing we needed to talk about. His reply made me laugh... “off to the shop to buy onions first”.

This was not a metaphor, he was determined to cook a curry and needed onions. “You talk, I’ll cook”, was his next reply.

When Nigel arrived home I had digitally thumbed the email a hundred times. I was seated in the kitchen, when my husband strolled over to the counter he was going to cook from and put down a large bag of onions, true to his text, he reached for a wineglass, shaking the bottle of wine at me indicating was I joining him. I shake my own glass back at him and the delicious ice chimed inside, smiling he said “right go, tell me your news”.

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