Business Start-up Diary: The Franchise Agreement Meeting

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The Franchise Agreement Meeting

Dawn Phillips is owner and Director of home care business Radfield Home Care. She recently launched her franchise business in Bromsgrove & Redditch and kindly offered to share her business story. In her recent Diary entries, we heard how the opportunity to start her own business came about and the Business Decision process to launch in 12 weeks. In this latest edition, Dawn shares her journey from agreeing her franchise agreement to the new norm of never ending “to do” lists. We hope you enjoy...


The Meeting

The day of the meeting with the Radfield co-founders soon came around.

The drive to the meeting venue was one of excitement and familiarity. It is always a pleasure to see Alex and Hannah and today would be no different. When I arrived they had already set about making a corner table our home for the next couple of hours, which was a comfort, standing to their feet we exchanged warm friendly smiles and hugs before taking our seats ready to talk over the franchise offer agreement.

The time flew quickly and was productive with information, questions, and lists of to-do tasks, Hannah and Alex as ever came prepared and I left with a starter guide packed full of tasks and helpful information about what needed to be done and how to do it, how simple it all seems.

Driving home was no effort, not even through the regular Kidderminster traffic; nothing could spoil my good mood, not today.

A Business Start-up To Do List is Never Complete


Task 1: Setting up my Private Limited Company and Choosing a Name.


This was essential, as I would only be trading under Radfield Home Care brand as a franchisee. The name I eventually decided on was “Aurora Dawn Limited.” Ten minutes and £15 later, I was almost a limited company....this was to be confirmed 48hrs later by Companies House - well done for the very easy and straightforward service!

Task 2: Setting up my Business Bank Account


Next, I decided on the bank account that would work best for me and after a short application clicked send. I was then informed I would receive a call the following business working day and would then be invited into my local branch to finalise the setting up of the bank account. Again this was a simple and hassle free process...It was increasingly exciting when within days my business banking information started to arrive. Yipee!

Task 3, 4 & 5: Agree Franchise Territory, Build Website Pages & Set Up Social Media 


In between the waiting for confirmations etc there was still much to do, territory agreed and perimeters set I could now set up some of the digital marketing items; Web pages, Facebook, Twitter & business listing accounts.

Emails and phone calls were flying back and forth from the friendly co-founders and myself to make all this possible. Not be long brochures, banners, digital profile images, documents, letterhead paperwork and of course our contracts.... Go...Go...Go!

My days and weeks filled up with tasks and planning and marketing, but the biggest to come in my mind and what kept my evenings on edge was undertaking my first CQC registration and registered manager’s award.

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