Andrew Richardson - Co-Owner & Director


Andrew Richardson - Co-Owner & Director

Andrew, co-owner and director of Radfield Home Care Newcastle upon Tyne has a wealth of knowledge across many corporate business sectors.

Andrew is married to co-owner Clare, and they have two children together. Over the 17 years that Clare has worked in the care sector, Andrew has gained an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding of the sector.

Andrew explains, “Over the years, I have heard from Clare some of the good stories and sadly some of the bad stories from working in the care sector. It became clear to me that there was a definite need for more high- quality care services.”

“Knowing the incredibly difficult job Clare and other care workers do, I found it unacceptable how under-appreciated they often were. As time has passed, it has become a real passion of mine to provide an environment where staff are appreciated and to work in a sector where we are helping people and improving their lives.”

“We both decided we wanted to offer a home care service that would offer the highest level of care and be centred around the individual needs and requirements. In turn, allowing older people to remain living in their own homes safe, happy and fulfilled, whilst also being an employer of choice in our community, where our care staff enjoy working and get the support and appreciation that they truly deserve.”