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Group Rules

WhatsApp & Facebook Group Rules

These are the rules for membership of The Radfield Home Care Facebook and WhatsApp Groups.

Membership is open to Franchise owners and Radfield Home Care National office staff. Membership is restricted so that we can ensure a great quality of content, comment, and discussion, as well as providing a really hands-on service in answering questions and supporting our members.

The Group is hosted by Radfield Home Care National office team, a collective of experts whose mission is to make the benefits of the 'Radfield way' accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or territory. We are committed to sharing our knowledge through class-leading, actionable resources, training and consultancy services.

Through the Groups, we are building a supportive environment full of useful information for you.

To ensure the Group runs smoothly we have created some important rules for behaviour in the Group.


Be helpful

Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to start a new thread. No question is too stupid.

Give answers. You may not know the whole answer but between us, we can build up plenty of responses. Often there is no one single right answer.


Be supportive

It’s fine to be a lurker but we love it when lots of people get involved and comment in the threads.

Inappropriate posts will be removed.


Do not block Group Admins

Members who block Admins will be removed from the Group (Sorry :-) ).

Use the group to ask questions rather than emailing or private messaging Radfield Home Care National Office (or other Franchise Partners - which will fully encourage).

We don’t have all the answers and even if we do know about your question our community here will have plenty of firsthand experience themselves. So rather than emailing or private messaging us asking “What software do you recommend for social media scheduling?” or "Does anyone have a great phone provider that they would recommend for the office?", ask the community here. We’ll jump in when we have something to recommend ourselves, and we’ll say so kindly if we think anyone is giving advice counter to what we’d consider best practice.

If you’ve got a specific customer service issue or something more private that you’d like to discuss, then, by all means, email us franchise@radfieldhomecare.co.uk.


Response times 

We will reply to your email in a timely manner generally within a working day but if your email requires us to do some investigation it may take a little longer.

You can email us at franchise@radfieldhomecare.co.uk.


**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. We might change them or people in the community are also welcome to make suggestions. The rules are here to make this a comfortable and supportive place for everyone.




Introduce yourself

It’s great when members post an introduction to themselves and what they do. A selfie or pic of your office (or even some emojis that illustrate where you come from and what you do) is also nice to see.


Post questions, helpful links, stories, observations, dilemmas.

This is a community. It’s facilitated by Radfield Home Care National Office team but it’s a place where we hope the community will create and respond to content that reflects their challenges as social care professionals, celebrates their achievements, confesses their errors, asks for advice, shares a moan about how everything is simply moving too fast nowadays.

Share your thoughts and experiences because they are interesting and helpful to others.

Well done on reading this far.

Now let’s connect, learn, share and collaborate.

The Radfield team