Dementia Cure Comment for the News

Dr. Hannah MacKechnie Read 1698 times

Following last week’s announcement that the Government plans to increase its funding for finding a treatment or a cure for dementia by 2025, Dr Hannah MacKechnie of Radfield Home Care explains why this is welcome news, but warns that there is a real urgency in tackling the disease.

“We’re really pleased that the Government is strengthening its commitment to reach the 2025 target set at last year’s G8 summit to find a cure for dementia. Although it’s positive news that the UK is leading the fight against the disease, and pledging more funding towards research and development, sadly dementia is a condition which is not on the decline and if predictions are correct – it is set to get a lot worse.

For this reason, the Government needs to speed up the progress of finding a cure and remove the barriers that are currently slowing down research development. Unfortunately, there is a lack of incentives to conduct clinical trials and rigorous regulations are hindering regulatory approvals. As soon as these obstacles are dealt with, the UK should start to make progress with a treatment or cure.”