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Jade Torode

Jade Torode

Client Services Coordinator

Tell us about your career background and how you came to join Radfield Home Care?

I have always been passionate about nursing with a particular interest in caring for the elderly. I have previous experience working in a nursing home and although I thrived in a busy time-pressured environment I wanted something different.

Home care meant I would have more responsibility, I would have the flexibility to make every visit a feel-good experience by achieving the necessary and allowing time for little extras to make someone’s day.

What is your current role and what do you enjoy about working for Radfield Home Care?

I am the Client Services Coordinator and was promoted at the beginning of 2022. I have worked for Radfield for nearly 4 years. It’s a great team to work with, everyone is very supportive, encouraging and friendly.

Why Radfield Home Care? Is there anything specific that stands out to you when compared to other home care providers?

I chose Radfield because it’s a private home care company offering:

  • One to one care
  • Longer visits that allow more time to chat with clients and get to know them
  • Helping older people access the community
  • Very personalised visits with no two being the same
  • Everyone works to a high standard

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

We had one client who had not had a thorough bath or shower for years. Many different approaches had been unsuccessfully tried but I managed to build a positive, trusting relationship. After years of failed attempts I supported him to have a shower which was very satisfying and something the client enjoyed. shower for the first time in years.

I also boosted the spirits of several clients with hair cuts and painting their nails during the COVID-19 pandemic.