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Frequently used terms and phrases in the home care sector.

Assistive technology

Devices and systems that help in the provision of quality care.



Offers expert guidance and support for privately funded home care services.


Be There

Radfield Home Care’s promise to help people age well by remaining connected to the things that matter the most to them.


Franchise Partner

This is how we refer to business owners running local offices in our network.


Care consultation

Also referred to as a “care assessment”, the process of establishing what support Radfield Home Care can provide for a person in their own home.


Carers pledge

Radfield Home Care has trademarked our unique, industry-leading pledge. It’s called Caring for our Carers™ and it means we are committed to supporting and empowering our dedicated team of Care Professionals.


Care Professionals

We prefer to use the term ‘Care Professional’ (title case) rather than ‘carer’ or ‘care assistant’, ‘home care assistant’, ‘care worker’ or ‘caregiver’. This is because it is a significant role that deserves to be recognised with an appropriate title.


Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The Care Quality Commission regulates care providers in England. They provide ratings on a scale from Inadequate to Outstanding.


Homecare Association (HCA)

Formerly the UKHCA, the HCA is the UK membership body for home care providers.



Is a valued directory and review platform for home care services.



An acronym for Motor Neurone Disease.


Palliative care

Care that helps with the relief of an ongoing health condition through the management of pain and symptoms.


Radfield Assure

Our evolving range of assistive technology services. We are continually testing and assessing technology to ensure that it is robust, fit for purpose and, most importantly, delivers real benefits to our clients and their families. To find out which Radfield Assure options may currently be available through your local Radfield Home Care, please get in touch and ask.


Real Living Wage

The independently calculated UK wage rate, based on the actual cost of living. Almost 9,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs, voluntarily pay this.


Radfield Home Care

A fast-growing provider of exceptional home care services.


Wearable devices

Small devices such as pendant alarms or wrist worn alarms can detect when the wearer is in need of assistance and alert their family and/or care provider.