Camberley, Farnborough & Fleet

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Nicky Haswell

Nicky Haswell

Community Engagement Manager

Nicky is the Community Engagement Manager for Radfield Home Care Camberley, Farnborough and Fleet. Maintaining Radfield’s key relationships in the community, Nicky is also their Day Centre Coordinator – running Camberley’s Day Care service.

Nicky describes her route to Radfield and why the provision of excellent care matters so much to her:

“Most of my work background has been within health and social care. I have worked with older people, people with autism and learning disabilities and more recently in mental health and homelessness. My previous roles have given me a good understanding about different people with different needs. Regardless of the differing needs of the client groups in my work history, I have learnt that with the right support and good communication, everyone can achieve their best possible outcome.

I have enjoyed being part of that process for many different clients over the years and I am excited to be continuing this in my new role. My first experience of work in health and social care was in dementia care and it is where my heart has remained. I had always planned to return to this area of work and I am excited to be taking these steps with Radfield. I feel I have a wealth of experience and transferable skills gained during my work in social care and support that will benefit Radfield clients.

I am naturally empathetic and try to always put myself in the ‘shoes of the other person’, to try and understand how they might be feeling. I have learnt that very small acts of kindness and consideration can have a huge impact on a person. I understand the importance of treating everyone with the same level of compassion and care, regardless of their differences.”