Watford & Borehamwood

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Lavanya Gamsani

Lavanya Gamsani

Owner / Director

Lavanya leads the Radfield Home Care Watford & Borehamwood office and is driven by a passion for assisting others with empathy and compassion. In 2023, Lavanya made the decision to move to the social care sector with the intention of making meaningful contributions to her local communities. She said:

“My motivation to be involved in the adult social care sector stems from the desire to create a positive impact in people’s lives, drive transformative change by enhancing services, and pursue a fulfilling career dedicated to supporting individuals within communities.”

Experienced in IT project management in the banking sector, and in leadership as the owner of several restaurants, Lavanya possesses a wealth of experience supporting clients and adhering to high standards. Lavanya now devotes her time to delivering exceptional home care services. She said:

“Given my background and experience, I believe my role at Radfield significantly benefits our clients in several ways.”

With a track record of prioritising customer satisfaction, Lavanya brings a strong client-focused mindset, ensuring services are tailored to meet and exceed clients’ needs and expectations.

Running several popular local restaurants has also given Lavanya an accomplished understanding of business management. She said: “I apply this expertise to enhance efficiency and service delivery within my Radfield Home Care office, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience.”

Radfield Home Care is committed to providing high-quality services, and Lavanya echoes this commitment. In her It roles, she has managed projects with stringent regulatory compliance in the banking sector giving her a wealth of experience in adhering to high standards.

Today, Lavanya leads the Watford & Borehamwood office, providing exceptional home care services and rewarding career opportunities.