By your side - supporting clients as NHS operations resume

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Pictured: Left - Jane Franks, director of Radfield Home Care Milton Keynes. Right - A Radfield client receiving rehabilitation support. 

The impact of dealing with the Covid-19 crisis has been felt all across the health care sector with many non-covid NHS related in-patient and out-patient surgery appointments being put on hold. With the recent easing of lockdown restrictions and the reduction in Covid infection levels, the NHS is now able to unlock essential resources and many patients are now receiving appointment letters for delayed operations.

Radfield Home Care Milton Keynes understands that this may bring great relief to many but that it also may raise questions for yourself, or a loved one, as to how to cope after an operation takes place. A range of common questions often arises: How will I carry out my day to day activities? What if I need additional support to carry out these tasks? What if I am unable to access the current support I receive from my family as they are also returning to work following the Covid lockdown? This is where Radfield’s rehabilitation care provides much needed reassurance and is there to help you support you straight away.

The road to recovery is an individual one and Radfield Home Care Milton Keynes create targeted and personalised rehabilitation care packages and work with a range of health experts, such as physiotherapists and local community health providers. There will always be a clear pathway to recovery that Radfield will regularly assess and discuss to make sure they align with the client’s progress.

Support and rehabilitation is not just for those who may be recovering from operations, but for those who are requiring respite and recovery from illness. To Radfield Home Care Milton Keynes the importance remains the same, it’s always about providing essential reassurance to clients and their loved ones and being there when you need them. As the UK moves away from the most recent Covid-19 lockdown, Radfield is here to support you with your next steps, whatever they may be, and are proud to recognise this in their #TogetherAgain campaign.

If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care and the home care support services offered, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or the branch directly on miltonkeynes@radfieldhomecare.co.uk or 01908 464 466.


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