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Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman

Director & Owner

About Jason

Jason’s background lies in recruitment, spending time recruiting both internationally and locally. He has managed local retail outlets, progression to management and business development roles involving international operations and development of new markets. His experience in recruitment and business development puts him in a fantastic position to overcome some of the challenges facing the care industry.

“I have family and friends involved in the care sector, which has given me some insight into the difficulties in the industry. I’ve also seen the amazing people giving care and the difference that they make every day to people’s lives.

“There is a lack of appreciation and understanding in general of the vital role that Care Professionals provide in the community. One of my goals is to develop a better understanding of this in my community, so that they are seen as the skilled professionals that they are.”

To pursue his dream of running his own business, Jason had to make the difficult choice of leaving his corporate lifestyle behind.

“In the end this was made possible by realising that in this industry I really could make a difference to my community rather than what was increasingly feeling like superficial success in the more corporate background that I was part of.”

Radfield Home Care puts a lot of emphasis on the family values the company was founded on and with this comes championing client satisfaction and making Care Professionals feel valued and supported. These values align perfectly with Jason’s own goals and aspirations.

“I want to increase the awareness of the importance of the role of Care Professional in our community. Radfield Home Care are always open to new ideas and always looking for ways to improve the service offered.”