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Looking for care provision in Liverpool South as Covid restrictions ease

17 July 2020

Local News

Written byTola Taiwo

Looking for care provision in Liverpool South as Covid restrictions ease

Looking for high quality home care for your loved one is such an important and often complicated decision making process. During the recent Covid-19 crisis this has become more challenging and Radfield Home Care Liverpool South has prepared a quick helpful guide in light of the recent easing of lock down restrictions – helping you to navigate through your care journey with added reassurance.

Things to consider as Covid lockdown restrictions are lifted….

Ask – How has the care provider responded to the challenges posed by Covid?

The right home care provider will always have your loved ones best interests at heart and will ensure that they are fully compliant with the latest Covid safety regulations. Throughout the crisis, Radfield has maintained the delivery of essential, safe and high quality care to their clients and has sought expert opinion including liaison with the Care Quality Commision (CQC) and the UK Home Care Association (UKHCA). This has ensured that the much needed social contact with their clients could continue while also providing well received reassurance to their families and friends. Additional safeguards have been implemented, such as the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and modifications to the delivery of services have been made, including ensuring clients are aware of the new procedures and how they are being kept safe.

Radfield Home Care Liverpool South’s Director, Tola Taiwo explains:

“From the outset it was clear that we needed to reassure our clients that their safety was always at the forefront of our minds. By clearly and regularly communicating with our care professionals we were able to quickly put in place safety procedures that would mitigate the risks posed by Covid to our clients.

Radfield’s response continues to be led by the best advice available to the care sector and we have felt privileged to be able to provide reassurance to family members at such a challenging time. We are always on hand to answer any queries clients may have relating to the provision of care and are proud to have been able to continue delivering our commitment to excellence in care.”

Read – Recent trusted unbiased reviews of care received by real clients

A key way of separating glossy marketing material from the actual care received by clients, is to visit a reputable home care review website. Similar to Tripadvisor for the tourism industry, Homecare.co.uk is the UK’s leading online review website for home care services. It allows clients, their relatives and loved ones to review the care they are receiving based on the quality of staff, standard of care received, office management team, dignity of services and value for money.

In June 2020, Homecare.co.uk awarded its prestigious Top Home Care Group Award to leading specialist home care provider, Radfield Home Care Liverpool South and its national network of offices.

Contact – The care management team.

A good measure of how suitable a home care company will be, and how they are adapting to Covid, is how the care team responds to your initial request for information and how they assess your loved ones needs. It is a great opportunity to raise any questions related to Covid in particular, as well as queries relating to the wider care services offered.

Radfield puts the client at the centre of all they do and offers a focused and specialised approach to home care services, guided by their family core values. Ensuring safety for all, new client enquiries are currently being conducted over the phone and a full run through of all safety measures related to Covid are thoroughly explained.

As an award winning family run business, providing care for over 30 years, Radfield Home Care Liverpool South truly understands the importance of choosing the right care provider, especially during these difficult times. They continue to provide exceptional care by exceptional people and are committed to safeguarding their clients and carers throughout the current crisis and beyond. If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care and the care support services offered, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or contact the branch directly on [email protected] or 01516 650 520.


Tola Taiwo

Tola Taiwo

Director & Owner

Tola uses his experience as a business analyst to ensure the office is efficient and the highest quality care is being provided.

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