From corporate life to care professional - Traci’s story

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Pictured: Traci - Care Assistant Radfield Home Care Liverpool South

We would like to introduce you to Traci, a Liverpool based care assistant for Radfield Home Care Liverpool South.

Tell us about your previous care work/career background.

"I actually came from a corporate leadership background and worked in a contact centre. It was not unusual for me to be running 12 teams and so I’m very used to coaching and developing people on a massive scale. These people skills have been useful as a care professional as I am able to quickly change my communication style when talking to different clients so that I can quickly determine what their needs are."

"After being made redundant in 2018, this spurred me on to explore training opportunities that would help me transfer into the care sector. I became a registered manager for a health care clinic and I dealt with a wide range of care sector partners, including the Care Quality Commission (CQC)."

"I was furloughed due to the impact of Covid so applied to be a NHS volunteer but it was oversubscribed and so I thought, what else could I do that would be as valuable? I realised that this was being a caregiver, and so here I am, it couldn’t be further from the corporate world but I love it!"

What has inspired you to want to be involved in the adult social care sector?

"Ever since I was young I wanted to be a midwife or nurse, but it wasn’t possible at that point and I followed a different career path. I’ve always had a strong need to care and support others and all of my friends and family have said this is what I should have been doing all along."

"When I was in my corporate roles I supported community projects, including shoebox appeals for the homeless and dancing for Cancer Research. If someone needs something doing I think ‘lets do something about it’, I can’t just sit and do nothing."

"I had been a little unsure of what being a home care assistant would involve as I’m completely new to it, but after the comprehensive training from Radfield I had the skills to care. After a few visits to my clients I knew I’d made the right decision to become a care professional. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ve become so close to the clients I provide care at home support to, it’s all so heartfelt."

Why Radfield Home Care agency?

"I really liked Radfield’s family history and their family values. I had several job opportunities with other providers to become a care worker however the interview at Radfield was much more professional and it was competency based. It was such a positive experience and I knew it would be a great indicator of what was to come and what I could expect from them."

"They also offer a second to none service to their clients and I could see that straight away. I could see those values reflected in the team I work in and they really do care for me and for our clients."

How did you get to hear about the job opportunity?

"I heard about the job via Indeed when I was specifically looking for care work.."

What are your career aspirations?

"To be honest the perfect future scenario would be that I could build upon my empathic approach to people and combine this with a care management qualification/role. I’m excited that this could progress into something different at Radfield, perhaps coaching and leading teams in the future."

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

"A lovely client of mine has quite advanced dementia and I am very proactive in making sure he doesn’t just have basic personal care provided to him and that he can still experience the best of life. I always ask him what he wants for breakfast and he always replies, “whatever is easiest for you.” I know he loves a good breakfast and so I make him the type of cooked breakfast he enjoys, it always brings a smile to his face."

"When we can we go for a drive to the Otterspool Promenade in Liverpool. It really brightens his day. When we get there we talk and he really starts to remember things, it’s so fantastic to be a part of. We’ve now made this a regular thing and the repetition of it really helps him, he’s now started to recognise my car when I arrive, which is amazing."

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Pictured - Otterspool Promenade "Dramatic Otterspool" by Merseyside IT is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you have any inspiring photos/memories you may wish to share?

"My management team always notices the hard work and quality home care we provide. Sometimes we get cards and chocolate for recognition when we’ve gone the extra mile, it’s really lovely."

What do you love most about your job and working for Radfield Home Care?

"It’s being able to work somewhere where I am supported and able to treat people with dignity and respect. I hope if someone looks after me that they also take the time to know who I am and what matters to me, and to look after me the way that Radfield believes. We never cut corners and the client always comes first."

"I also think it's not just the client and their basic needs that are important, it’s much broader than that, it’s the needs of their family and friends too. I know because of the excellent care we provide at Radfield we’re also relieving a family of stress because they know that their loved one is being looked after. All our clients' needs are different and as a carer we are encouraged, and given the time, to ensure we can offer that holistic support to all concerned."

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