Harrogate, Wetherby & North Yorkshire

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Our community partners

At Radfield Home Care we work closely with local businesses, organisations and individuals because establishing good relationships within the community is a vital step towards delivering the highest quality care services. 

One of our core values is to be there for our clients, for our Care Professionals and also our wider community. Our local community is rich in resources and when we work together, utilising everybodys’ strengths, everyone benefits as a whole.

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Harrogate and Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service

H&R CVS is a charity that supports communities, charities and volunteers in Harrogate. Radfield Home Care Harrogate, Wetherby and North Yorkshire is a regular supporter of the initiative and we began working with them to better understand what services were offered locally and how our clients could benefit from this. We are passionate that our clients are ethically signposted to those services that are free and available within the local community, helping to build these strong relationships.
Radfield Home Care Harrogate, Wetherby and North Yorkshire also provide dementia training to a range of the charity’s volunteers and financial support, such as helping to stock up stationery supplies. Our work with H&R CVS helps us to deliver dementia awareness training to the local community, aiming to raise levels of understanding for all.

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Catholic Care – Community Groups

Catholic Care has set up a number of older people’s groups throughout their Diocese, aiming to support people living with dementia, as well as those who care for them. Radfield Home Care Harrogate, Wetherby and North Yorkshire attend these groups to raise awareness and to provide non-biased information on the care sector – helping the local community to understand what good care should look like. This helps empower those attending to make better-informed decisions about future care needs and allows us to signpost them to a range of free providers.

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catholic care community partner

Dementia Forward

Radfield Home Care Harrogate has taken a commendable step in supporting the local community by sponsoring the Dementia Forward Time Together Tuesdays initiative. Time Together Tuesdays offers a safe, welcoming space where those living with dementia can engage in meaningful activities, socialize, and receive much-needed support. By backing this program, Radfield Home Care not only provides financial assistance but also helps to raise awareness about dementia and the importance of community-based support networks.

The collaboration is further strengthened by the active involvement of Liz Morritt, the manager of Radfield Home Care Harrogate, who volunteers with Dementia Forward on the last Tuesday of every month. Her hands-on participation exemplifies the dedication and personal commitment of Radfield Home Care to this cause. Liz’s presence allows her to directly witness and contribute to the positive impact of the program, reinforcing the strong community bond and highlights the importance of volunteerism in supporting dementia care initiatives.

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Dementia Forward Community Partner