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Be There

We are a business that is united and inspired by our purpose: To keep people connected to the things that matter most to them.
It’s a simple, powerful promise we call Be There and it drives everything we do.

Join our movement for change

When you join the Radfield network as one of our Franchise Partners, you’re not just joining a network of businesses. You’re joining a movement for real change.

We believe businesses that stand the test of time, attract the best people and create the strongest growth are built on a sense of purpose.

Be There is our movement. It’s how we bring our purpose to life. It will shape what you do, how you do it and why it matters to you and your team.

Our Franchise Partners are a vital part of the Radfield Be There movement. They are leaders of change within their own local communities and they work together as a network, with our National Office team, to continually create new and better ways to keep Be There promise right across the country.

The Radfield Office Team
client and carer doing the dishes

What care means to Radfield

We are driven, every day, to make ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved. 

We want to enable people to live their best life for longer.

Radfield care has always been based on a belief that the more we are able to be fully present in our own lives, the better we live.

That’s why Be There is our promise to everyone. It’s a commitment that we will support them in whatever ways we can to live their best life.

This is as true for our Franchise Partners and their teams as it is for our clients and their families.

client and carer linking arms on a companionship outing

Our Be There promises

To our clients, we promise to support them in being present in their own lives, in not having to hide away, step back or feel less than the hero of their own story.

To the families of our clients, we promise to support them in being present for their loved ones in the ways that are right for them.

To our Franchise Partners, their Care Professionals and office teams around the country, we promise to support them in being there for each other, so they can be there for our clients. We work together to keep these promises and bring them to life every single day.

This is what makes Radfield a uniquely powerful community of care. And a truly amazing community that cares.

Radfield national office call

What Be There means

We know from our own research and that of others that fundamentally the things that matter most to people are maintaining a sense of their own identity, enjoying relationships with others and having a sense of purpose themselves – aspirations and things they want to do.

That’s why Be There is built on three principles:

BE YOU: we support people in defining, developing and living their own identities.

BE CONNECTED: we support people to enjoy and get the most out of the relationships that are important to them.

BE INSPIRED: we support people to achieve goals, both big and small, that matter to them.

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