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Becoming a franchisee

While no experience is required to own a franchise, it takes a strong entrepreneurial drive to successfully lead one and build a business that is both sustainable and profitable.

What it takes to be a franchise partner

As a Radfield franchise partner you’ll benefit from all the expert support and guidance, backed by award-winning training, that we offer through our Leadership, National Office team and built on over 40 years’ experience in the UK care market. That’s the kind of support that delivers real confidence as well as capability.

However, we can’t do it all for you. As a franchise partner, you’ll need strong business acumen, a real sense of ambition and drive, along with a passion for quality in order to build a successful business. The nature of the relationship between every Radfield franchise partner and our team is one of collaboration. As the Franchisor, Radfield is the experts in the business of care and we provide you with the tools, blueprint and guidance for operating a successful business. Ultimately it is what you, as the franchisee, do and the work you put in that will determine how well your business performs.

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The characteristics of a franchise owner

To become a Radfield franchise partner, you must be committed to maintaining the standards of our brand first and foremost, and be someone with compassion, empathy, good communication skills and approachability. Naturally, it’s important to us and the rest of our network that you support our purpose of keeping people connected to the things that matter to them and our mission to make ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

You don’t need experience working within the home care industry but you do need lots of energy and confidence.

The ideal home care franchise partner has an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to serve their community:

Business skills

Compassion and care for your team, your clients and their families are important qualities. As is strong business acumen. Raising standards in the quality of care, bringing Radfield care to more people and changing the way the nation ages depends on strong, profitable businesses with the resources to invest in growth. Business leadership is vital. We’re here to support you across all areas of the business, from financial performance and marketing strategy to compliance, people development and technology.

People skills

Building and managing your team of Care Professionals and care managers is essential to the success of your franchise. You will need to have excellent people skills to both recruit the right people and then mentor and manage your team as they grow and develop with your business.

Making connections

Much of your time will be spent networking with referral sources for new business, such as GPs, nurses, and charities. You’ll also be promoting the business within your community at local events. It’s a core component of our proven marketing strategy framework, that has been shown to work time and again.

Outgoing and involved

The ability to have creative ideas for marketing, PR, and promotion is a valuable skill. A good franchise partner will be involved in local sporting events, organise a ‘Bake Off’ or get themselves on a local radio station. Every local community offers different opportunities, what never changes is the value to your business of raising your profile locally.


Running a business will require you to many hats, some of them at the same time. It is both a bit of a cliche and also absolutely true that it is a journey. And while there are some consistent key stages that all Radfield businesses will go through, how you get there and exactly what it looks like for you will be your own journey. The good news is you have our team – all experts in the business of care – along with other Radfield franchise partners to support you. What no one else can bring for you is drive, hard work, and commitment.

A reputable and trusted home care brand

We have spent many years building and investing in the Radfield brand to establish it as a highly trusted and reputable name that is synonymous with delivering the highest level of service and care.

Our mission is to take the Radfield brand nationwide to become the UK’s leading domiciliary elderly care service. Delivering the highest standard of care to help our nation age well and remain connected to the things that matter most is at the forefront of our purpose and it must be the same for any franchise partners who wish to come on this journey with us.

We need our franchise partners to help us to achieve our goal and share the success and rewards along the way.

Do you have what it takes?

We’d always suggest that before anyone applies for a Radfield franchise territory, they have an honest review of their personality and abilities to consider if they think they have what it takes to be a successful franchise partner.

If you do think you have what it takes, then the next step would be to find out what it is really like to be a franchise partner. Visit our offices, meet our team of experts in the business of care and gain more insight into what your life could be like running your own successful care business.

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