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Ruby Webb

Ruby Webb

Client Services Coordinator

Tell us about your career background and how you came to join Radfield Home Care.

I became a carer in 2022 and worked in home care for a different company for 9 months. I absolutely fell in love with caring and found myself wanting to improve in my knowledge of care and gain more experience. I found out about Radfield from my Auntie. She told me about it being Outstanding and it was recommended to her by multiple people. I went for an interview and became a care professional for Radfield. I worked in this role for a year. I have gained some trusting relationships with a lot of Radfield’s existing and new clients, I met a whole array of unique clients which increased my knowledge hugely. I have now become the new client services coordinator for Radfield and am excited to see where this new role takes me.

What is your current role and what do you enjoy about working for Radfield Home Care?

I am one of the Client services coordinators for Radfield Home Care. I am new to my role but I am really enjoying being part of a close team. I have had a lot of lovely support from everyone in the office while learning my role. I love getting to meet new clients to give them the help they need to live the life they deserve without struggle.

Why Radfield Home Care? Is there anything specific that stands out to you when compared to other home care providers?

I feel that Radfield is all about empowering people. The staff really do care about each other. The training programmes are brilliant. They allow people to feel confident within their roles. You never feel alone during your role even if you are working alone as there is always a great team behind you.

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

In my previous role I had a lovely round with the same clients most days. I looked after a family two days a week, I took them out and about in their car. We went to all kind of places, one of my highlights was going to the rare breeds to look at the animals, this would always be a special day out as the family got to spend quality time together, we always had a good laugh and it empowered them to be in control of what they wanted to do.

With my elderly clients, one memory really stands out to me. I had a lovely lady I used to take out to the shops, her most favourite was TK Maxx. She would spend hours looking around at the food and would tell me everything about each item from where it was made, how it was made, what company etc. I learnt so much from being out with her and it allowed her to enjoy the time teaching someone something which is what she previously did as her job. When we said our goodbyes she would always be so much happier than when I first arrived.

With my clients who couldn’t leave their homes I would always make sure I spoke to them like normal people, we would always have a laugh, I would get them reminiscing of old times with their loved ones and on some occasions I would take some baked goodies to them to brighten their days.