Jane M (Daughter of Client)

My mother has recently come to live with us as she can no longer live independently. Friends and family persuaded me not to cancel a short holiday which was already booked and so I turned to Radfield Home Care for help.

They were extremely kind and reassuring and did everything we asked, and gave my mother the support she needed in our absence. They kept in contact with me while I was away and have gained my trust for future holidays, which I realise I am going to need.

My mother was anxious about the arrangement at first but now sees that it is the ideal solution and will not mind us going away again as she knows she will be well looked after.

I especially like the fact that Radfield have all our family contact numbers and I know they would always keep us informed of any problems should they occur.

We will definitely be using them from now on.

Friday, 15 June 2018