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Overnight care

The Radfield Home Care team knows how reassuring it can be to have support during the night.

Getting some rest is easier to do, knowing there’s someone there for you

Night times can be a particular challenge. We all know that things feel different at night, that’s why it’s often reassuring knowing there is someone else there on hand in case you need to call on them. This may be for some emotional comfort during difficult times or to help with very practical support when it’s needed.

There are many reasons why overnight care may be appropriate. What’s most important is that people have the right support in their home alongside them and someone they feel comfortable and confident with.

Our team is skilled in a wide range of care services, and these can be made available at night time as well as during the day. It may be that medication assistance is required during the night, there may be personal care considerations and sometimes it’s about providing companionship at particularly difficult times.

Whatever the reason, it’s reassuring for all involved to know that there is someone there to provide planned and/or reactive support as soon as it’s needed.

In general, we provide nighttime care in two ways. Our carers can remain awake to provide support throughout the night, or they can sleep and be woken for assistance as needed. We’ll develop a care plan to make the right choices, which will depend on how often someone is likely to need help during the night.

We’re here to provide both practical support and peace of mind. If you’d like to know more, why not get in touch today and chat with our team about the ways Radfield Home Care can offer you overnight care support.

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