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Frequently asked questions about Radfield Home Care.

Starting Care FAQs
Our Care Service FAQs
Connected Care FAQs
Our Carers FAQs
Careers FAQs

Starting Care FAQs

What makes Radfield Home Care different, why should I use you?

The founders of Radfield Home Care, Dr. Hannah MacKechnie and Alex Green, were raised in a residential care home and understand the care industry better than anyone. Hannah is a qualified GP and has a lifetime’s experience of caring for older people.

Radfield Care Professionals are trained rigorously at all levels of practical care but where we excel is our approach of warmth, dignity and respect that encompasses the Radfield culture.


Do I have to have an assessment before care can start?

I need to arrange care quickly so my relative can be released from the hospital, can you help?

Can I involve people who are not direct family relatives or next of kin in the arranging care process?

What is the maximum level of care you can offer?

What is the minimum level of service that you can offer?

You are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), why is that important?

Our Care Service FAQs

How often can I change my care package?

You can make any changes that you require at any time.

Changes and adjustments to your care are constantly monitored to ensure that you always receive the right care package for you.
Our focus is that you are always feeling well looked after and that your needs are being met. We pride ourselves on the speed of responding both to issues and to feedback that requires changes.

How do I pay for the care services?

How do I get direct payment funding?

Can I get help with funding for my home care?

What is a direct payment?

If I receive a direct payment, will I have to pay any of my own money towards my care?

If I'm on a direct payment, how will social services pay me the money?

I see that you use a software system - how does this work?

Can I cancel at any time if I don’t want to continue?

Connected Care FAQs

What is Radfield Connected Care?

Radfield Home Care understands that care takes many forms and is often about having vital peace of mind and individual protection, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Through our trusted and tested Partners, Radfield is proud to offer ‘Connected Care’, a range of innovative assistive technology solutions carefully designed to keep you, or a loved one, safe whilst encouraging independence at home and out and about.

Our Connected Care solutions range from a non-intrusive daily-check in (OKEachDay), a go-anywhere alarm (Careline 365 Go GPS) that’s also available with an additional fall protector (Careline365 Fall Detector) and an all-encompassing system (MiiCare) that uses smart home sensors and offers full protection at home.

What Radfield Connected solutions are available?

How much do Radfield’s Connected Care solutions cost?

Our Carers FAQs

What can and what can’t a Carer do?

For a full list of duties please read this page, The Carer’s role.

Will I have the same Carer/Care Professional each time?

What training do your Carers/Care Professionals have, are they able to administer medication?

Are Carers / Care Professionals able to support with catheters, stomas and PEG tubes?

Are your Carer/Care Professionals able to use moving and handling equipment?

Is the carer’s travel time taken out of my visit time?

What happens if my usual Carer is off sick or on holiday?

How do I know that my carer will do all the tasks they are supposed to do?

What if I don't like my Carer/Care Professional?

What insurance do you have for your carer if something goes wrong?

Careers FAQs

Does Radfield pay for mileage and time spent travelling between client visits?

Yes. All Radfield care staff are paid a tax free mileage allowance. In addition you also receive your usual rate of pay for all the time that you spend travelling between client homes.
Furthermore you will also accrue holiday entitlement and pay for all the time that you spend working and this includes the time that you spend travelling as well. Please compare these benefits carefully with other home care agencies and providers. Alongside being a Living Wage Accredited Employer, our Carers for CaringTM pledge and rates of pay, not all Care providers are created equal.

What sort of work do home carers do?

I’ve never done care work before, do I need experience?

Will I receive training to help me in the job?

I’m happy with providing companionship, but I’m not sure about the personal care side?

What hours would I have to work?

Will I have to work at the weekend?

Do I need to have my own transport?

Do I need to have a DBS check?

Do I have to pay for my DBS check?

Does being a Care Professional give me the opportunity to work outside and on my feet?

Would there ever be an opportunity to progress my career with Radfield?

Can I take any additional qualifications?

Will I have supervisions and appraisals?

What is the Care Certificate and will I have to do it?

How long does it take to complete the Care Certificate?

What happens if I encounter a difficult situation outside of the office hours?

What happens if I encounter a difficult situation when I’m on my own with a client?

What do I need to think about before contacting Radfield Home Care?

Will I get paid more if I work at the weekend?

Do I have to pay for my uniforms?

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