Wycombe, Beaconsfield & South Bucks

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Hana Beever

Hana Beever

Events and Marketing Coordinator

We would like to introduce you to Hana Beever, events and marketing coordinator for Radfield Home Care Wycombe, Beaconsfield & South Bucks.

Hana is responsible for undertaking our marketing and public relations activity, both in the local community and digitally. Hana promotes Radfield’s services, in particular our Radfield Day Care centre, connecting potential clients with our fantastic care professionals. She also focuses on developing important links with key local community partners, with those individuals that share a similar ethos and a passion for creating a high-quality care service.

Hana joined Radfield as a care professional in August 2022 and was soon promoted to a senior care professional. Her move to an events and marketing role combines both her passion for excellence in care and her fantastic career experience prior to joining Radfield. Hana explains:

“Having worked as an events manager for ten years in prestigious venues like the Royal Academy of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Hampton Court Palace, I’ve gained valuable skills in organisation. This experience enables me to efficiently coordinate our day centre activities on a weekly basis and promote Radfield home care within our community through events and marketing efforts.

I’ve been working in the care sector since 2019, starting as a catering assistant focused on hydration and nutrition. Over time, my passion for care grew, leading me to join Radfield home care in 2022 as a care assistant. Within three months, I was promoted to the role of senior carer. Many find inspiration in the social care sector from a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives, to provide support and comfort to those in need, and to contribute to building stronger, more compassionate communities. It’s often a deeply rewarding field where every day presents an opportunity to enhance someone’s quality of life and foster meaningful connections.”

With such a strong combined skill set in care and marketing, Hana is clear how to best use her experience to best effect:

“My experience as an events manager brings valuable skills and insights to my new role as an events and marketing coordinator. My expertise in organising events in prestigious venues and promoting them effectively will be highly beneficial in strategizing and executing events for Radfield home care, helping to raise awareness and engage with the community in meaningful ways.”