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Orpington Care Professional, Linda’s dedication honoured in eulogy

26 April 2024

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Written byChanice Baugh

Orpington Care Professional, Linda’s dedication honoured in eulogy

Linda’s journey with Radfield Home Care began in February 2023, bringing with her over six years of valuable experience from a care home setting. Having relocated to Orpington, Linda was eager to continue her passion for care in her new community. Following her interview with Radfield, Linda felt an instant connection and knew it was the perfect fit for her.

From the outset, Linda established strong relationships with all her clients, including John, one of Radfield’s earliest clients. Despite John’s initial reluctance to accept care, Linda’s warm and friendly demeanour quickly won him over. Their bond blossomed into a unique friendship, characterised by shared jokes and friendly competitions, such as their daily race between John’s cigarette rolling and Linda’s tea-making.

John’s daughter-in-law fondly recalled his last moments in the hospital, where he asked for Linda’s presence, a testament to the deep connection they shared. Linda’s presence also left a lasting impression on John’s family, as she was mentioned in his funeral eulogy, reflecting the impact she had on his life.

In addition to her meaningful connection with John, Linda has embarked on companionship visits with a new client, who describes her as a “breath of fresh air.” Linda’s easy-going nature creates a comfortable environment where her client feels free to discuss any topic without fear of judgment.

Exceptional care and career opportunities

Linda’s story highlights the exceptional dedication of our Care Professionals at Radfield Home Care. If you or a loved one require personalised, dignified care in Bromley, please take a look at our services.

For those inspired by Linda’s journey and looking to make a significant difference through home care jobs in Bromley, visit Radfield Home Care’s current job vacancies today.


Chanice Baugh

Chanice Baugh

Director & Owner

Chanices’ experience in care compliance makes her an invaluable asset to the foundations of Radfield Home Care Bromley, Orpington & Beckenham.

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