Andrew McKean - Finance Director

Andrew McKean - Finance Director

We would like to introduce you to Andrew, finance director for Radfield Home Care Herefordshire & South Shropshire. Andrew is responsible for the effective day to day financial running of the office and general accounting oversight.

Joining in May 2017, Andrew has had a career in the care sector for over 20 years. From 2005 to 2017 Andrew was self-employed looking after adults with learning disabilities in a home environment, known as ‘Shared Lives’. This provided 3 adults with learning disabilities to live a normal life in a loving home environment and to experience everyday family activities such as holidays to Spain and America, attending family weddings and get-togethers. They all became part of the family and still continue to share their lives with one individual who has been with them for over 17 years.

Andrew has also held senior care manager roles in large corporate care groups that were responsible for adults with learning disabilities, helping them work towards becoming independent. His commitment to the health and social care sector is clear, as he explains:

“Caring for others certainly has its challenges, but the rewards outweigh any of these. My role, and Radfield as a business, makes you appreciate older people in so many ways. As a professional care team we also see this generation in a very different way. It’s great to know that you are making a difference to someone's life everyday.”

Andrew’s partner Kiain has always had a real passion to own a care company that really does care for older people and it’s Kiain’s vision that has driven Andrew’s further interests in setting up a business as a partner.

Andrew now enjoys the balance of home and work life, working in an office with like minded staff, all with a genuine interest in helping others live their best life.