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Speaking on ‘Curious About Care’ at the National Institute for Health & Care Research

1 May 2024

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Written byOwain Farrington

Speaking on ‘Curious About Care’ at the National Institute for Health & Care Research

Leading the way with unique recruitment strategies, Recruitment & Training Manager, Lewis Collins at Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury & Oswestry was recently invited to speak at the National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR) School for Social Care Research Annual Conference in April 2024. Held at the University of Birmingham, this prestigious occasion celebrates the latest advancements in social care.

Sharing experiences at the NIHR national conference

National Institute for Health & Care Research National Conference 2024 lanyard and goodie bag

One of our core principles at Radfield Home Care is to contribute positively to the modern social care sector. We were therefore excited for Lewis to present at the NIHR SSCR conference. Alongside Eppie Leishman from the University of York, Lewis spoke about our branch’s unique experience utilising the ‘Curious about Care‘ Recruitment Quiz. This platform was developed by the University of York’s Social Care Policy Unit, and we have been using and providing data to it over the past year.

Engaging prospective Care Professionals through new methods

In the rapidly evolving landscape of home care in the UK, attracting and retaining high-calibre Care Professionals is a top priority. The ‘Curious about Care’ Recruitment Quiz has been instrumental in challenging traditional recruitment processes. It provides an engaging, interactive way for potential Care Professionals to learn about the industry and crucially, to learn about themselves – their abilities, interests, and suitability for a role in home care.

Contributing to home care research at NIHR conference

lewis collins speaking at the NIHR conference on Curious About Care

Contributing to research that can advance social care practices and policy is another aspect of our commitment at Radfield Home Care. The feedback and data that we have provided to the ‘Curious about Care’ platform over the past year is helping enhance its efficacy and reach. The Shrewsbury & Oswestry team are set to participate in further research later in 2024, aiding the collection of vital data and insights which could influence the future of home care recruitment nationally.

Maintaining a focus on the bigger picture

While we strive to offer quality home care services, we also pay keen attention to the ‘bigger picture’. Our collaboration with academic institutions in this critical research underscores our devotion to improving social care as a whole. Our ambition is to uphold our 40-year record of championing care that people not only need, but that they truly want. As we move forward, we do so with the aim of helping our nation age well. We are passionate about keeping people connected to things that matter most to them in their autumn years.

Lewis Collins’ speech at the conference, was a testimony to how Radfield Home Care continues to see the bigger picture, exploring innovative ways to add value to social care. For potential Care Professionals interested in joining a forward-thinking organisation where they can make a tangible difference, Radfield Home Care offers rewarding opportunities. Explore our job vacancies today.

For families looking for high-quality private home care services that understand and cater to your loved ones’ needs and interests, look no further. Discover our home care services and see how we can assist you.


Owain Farrington

Owain Farrington

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