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Building care connections: After hospital care Worcester

15 May 2024

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Written byDawn Phillips

Building care connections: After hospital care Worcester

The power of supportive company in home care

At Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern, we pride ourselves in the commitment and dedication our Care Professionals exhibit. An excellent portrayal of this invaluable relationship is reflected in the connection shared by our client Margaret and her care provider Julie.

After providing intimate care and encouragement for over a year, Julie has proven to be a beacon of support and strength for Margaret. Together, they brighten each other’s days with laughter and companionship. Tending to Margaret’s needs, such as assisting her in getting haircuts, Julie ensures that she feels comfortable and confident.

The importance of after-hospital care

A recent hospital admission for Margaret demonstrated the vital role after-hospital care plays in a patient’s recovery journey. During this demanding time, Julie extended her support beyond their usual meetings, surprising Margaret with a cheer-up visit at the hospital. This act of kindness not only lightened up Margaret’s day but also sparked a renewed motivation within her to return home. Her determination was fuelled by the thought of resuming the delightful visits from Julie.

The significance of a Care Professional’s dedication

For a Care Professional at Radfield Home Care, knowing that their presence is eagerly anticipated by clients like Margaret adds a sense of gratitude and accomplishment to their roles. We pride ourselves in the genuine connections our team establish with their clients, ensuring that we provide care people both want and need.

With over 40 years of experience in private home care, Radfield has continuously strived towards keeping individuals closely connected to what matters most to them in their later years. As a result, we are not just service providers, but also a reliable companion in our clients’ journey towards ageing gracefully in the comfort fo their own homes.

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Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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