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Quality companionship care: a Radfield Home Care experience

20 September 2023

Local News

Written bySally Fern

Quality companionship care: a Radfield Home Care experience

At Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern, our brilliant Care Professionals have made a profound impact, delivering quality private home care services in our local communities. Recently, we had the delight of documenting one of our Care Professional’s companionship visits to our wonderful client, Viv in Worcester. Let’s take you on this journey of companionship and care.

The power of regular companionship care

Companionship care can play a pivotal role in improving our clients’ mental, physical and emotional well-being. Regular social interactions and meaningful connections with our Care Professionals can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness for our clients.

Having good company around you makes you feel relaxed, and comfortable and keeps your mind positively engaged.

Vic receiving a companionship visit from Radfield Home Care

What a companionship care visit includes

Our companionship visit allows our Care Professionals to go into our clients’ home and spend time with them. There are a range of ways a companionship Carer can help which may include:

  • Help the individual engage in memory exercises and activities like puzzles.
  • Encourage mental health and mental stimulation by reflecting on past memories and experiences with the individual.
  • Prepare meals, cook, bake and eat out together.
  • Go out shopping.
  • Participate in hobbies together.
  • Help the individual attend social outings, groups and clubs.
  • Visit a friend with the individual.
  • Help the individual go to new places where they can meet new people and make new friends.

Feeling safe and social with companionship care

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Jane regularly supports Viv with a companionship visit on Mondays and Fridays. Because of the regularity of the visit they have built up a great friendship and Viv has complete trust in Jane.

Viv lives in her flat and often sees family and her Care Professional on a daily basis but really looks forward to her companionship visits with Jane.

Viv said:

“I just feel so safe and well looked after by Jane and we chat for hours and laugh alot too!! Jane takes me out in my wheelchair as I really love to get outside in the fresh air as it really lifts my spirits. My home was always full of friends in and out so it can be quiet at times but that time is now filled with my companionship visit .”

“Jane kindly takes me to my local cafe for a tea and cake or lunch whichever I prefer. I often see neighbours whilst we are in my local community and we have a good natter. We sometimes go to the local bakery which allows me to choose my own cakes which I feel is a real treat. I love to go to the local shops and have a mooch around so Jane often takes me out to the shops which I really enjoy. In the colder weather, Jane and I stay at home and we do lots of different activities I just love the company and we have such a lovely bond, we can talk for hours and she really gets my sense of humour!”

“I really do not know what I would do without the companionship visits from Jane as they are the best part of my week and I look forward to them very much.”

viv and Jane card shopping

Rewarding care careers and quality home care in Worcester

At Radfield Home Care, we believe that regular companionship significantly contributes to improving our clients’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It entails more than just routine house visits – it’s about forming meaningful connections that can alleviate feelings of isolation while ushering in positivity and a stronger sense of connection.

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