Liverpool North, Sefton & Ormskirk

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Lesley Malone

Lesley Malone

Business Development Coordinator

Lesley is Radfield Home Care Liverpool North, Sefton and Ormskirk’s Business Development Coordinator. Lesley is responsible for raising the profile of our outstanding home care within the local community, including arranging and attending regular events. She updates our social media and champions the key local people and businesses in the community.

Lesley brings over 14 years of diverse experience in the care sector, ranging from in-home care to organising events for care homes and the broader community. Her extensive background has equipped her with a deep understanding and empathy for the needs of older individuals, particularly those living with dementia. Lesley’s dedication to improving the lives of seniors is evident in her passionate approach to supporting those experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Lesley is fervently committed to enriching the lifestyles of older individuals. Her work is driven by a heartfelt belief that age is merely a number, and the quality of one’s life is determined by how it is lived. She strives to create meaningful, engaging experiences for the elderly, ensuring they feel valued and connected.

Coming from a family with a strong background in hospitality, Lesley seamlessly integrates these principles into her role at Radfield Home Care. Her hospitality expertise enhances her ability to create warm, welcoming, and supportive environments for her clients.

Lesley is known for her enthusiasm and caring nature. She approaches her work with genuine compassion and a positive outlook, always aiming to make a significant difference in the lives of those she supports.

Outside of her professional life, Lesley enjoys long-haul holidays to Cuba with her husband. She also cherishes her role as a first-time grandmother to her granddaughter, Ophelia. Her family experiences and personal joys further inspire her commitment to fostering a nurturing and vibrant community for the elderly.

Lesley’s combination of professional expertise, personal passion, and family background in hospitality make her a valuable asset to Radfield Home Care. Her dedication to improving the lives of seniors is unwavering, and her efforts continue to positively impact those she supports.