How to reduce social isolation for older people at Christmas

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Feelings of social isolation and loneliness at Christmas have been experienced by many people since the covid lockdowns began, and for some the festive period is a time that these feelings may become further compounded.

A recent Age UK report, estimated almost 2 million people within the older generation are expected to feel lonely this Christmas, with almost a third being widows and widowers. Conscious of the growing figures due to Covid restrictions they have started a national campaign called ‘No one should have no one campaign’, raising awareness of the toll loneliness in older people could have over this Christmas holiday.

Radfield Home Care Harrogate, Wetherby and North Yorkshire understands the value of social contact and actively seeks to ensure their clients remain connected with people and the outside world wherever possible.

This Christmas period, the following may help either yourself or someone you know, get through what can be a challenging time. Looking out for yourself and others being perhaps one of the best Christmas presents that can be gifted:

  • Taking time to say hello - always in a rush when you’re at the supermarket, or out for a walk? Do you notice others around you whilst you do your day to day activities? For some, these daily events are the only opportunity they have to interact with others and a simple smile or good morning can truly lift someone's day and make them feel connected.

    Equally if you live by yourself, whilst it can feel like a challenge sometimes, making the effort to say hello to someone may have positive rewards - often, we’re just distracted, and really appreciate the gesture!

  • Do you have neighbours who live by themselves or perhaps are not able to visit their family? A simple wave at them as you walk past, or perhaps a christmas card through the letter box can make a big difference.

  • There is always someone there who wants to talk to you and can help if loneliness is starting to become too much. There are many local and national telephone befriending services such as Age UK’s telephone friendship service and the Silver Line Helpline who are ready to take your call.

In the end it is often just simple acts of kindness and acknowledgement of others that really does make a big difference. In a year where the festive period is not as we would normally experience it, it is perhaps more important than ever that we reach out to others around us.

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