Caring for our Carers™ Pledge

Radfield Home Care believes that care should be extended to value, help and support our dedicated teams of care professionals across our offices, as well as our wide range of clients. To demonstrate our commitment to this we have developed our ‘Caring for our Carers’™ pledge.

Our pledge places a fundamental focus on creating a supportive, enjoyable and rewarding environment for our care professionals, to drive our ambition of providing Exceptional care by Exceptional people. Our pledge promises to:

Create a Culture which is welcoming, inclusive and supportive

All our offices are welcoming and friendly, creating a family culture that you feel part of from the moment you step inside the office. From ‘bacon butty’ Fridays to ‘family picnics’ in the local park with care teams and clients, you will immediately feel part of the Radfield family.

Radfield provides an inclusive environment, with ongoing wellbeing checks for staff, as well as tailored support for individuals, with many of our offices now proudly part of the ‘Disability Confident Employers’ scheme.

Appreciate and recognise; proudly celebrating the achievements of individuals and teams

We continue to recognise and appreciate the exceptional care our teams provide by celebrating all achievements with gifts, thank you letters, birthday presents, vouchers and carer of the month awards, to name but a few.

We also believe in sharing our good news stories and all great things achieved through social media platforms, local and national press releases, website coverage, along with entering both regional and national care awards for individuals and teams.

Reward our care teams with transparent and fair remuneration for hard work and commitment for providing exceptional care to our clients

Many of our offices are proud and committed members of the Living Wage Foundation, becoming ‘Living Wage Employers’ paying the independently calculated Living Wage rates to all our care professionals.

In addition, all of our offices pay travel time between client visits, paid mileage, paid training and paid holiday.

Consistently Empower staff to develop skills and knowledge, building confidence to enable career progression

Radfield encourage all individuals to improve their skills and knowledge in the care sector, with vocational qualifications i.e. Diplomas in Health & Social Care, providing further opportunities for career progression.

With regular supervision and appraisals, we will identify your personal goals and aspirations, creating a personal development plan to get you there.

Staff meetings and forums are in place to share ideas across each office, identifying ‘Champions’ to lead projects and specialisms, empowering individuals to reach their goals. i.e. Dementia Cafe Champions, Stroke Support Specialist.

Caring for our Carers Pledge

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