Celebrating BFA Established status | Interview: Operations Director, Neil McPherson

20 November 2023

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Celebrating BFA Established status | Interview: Operations Director, Neil McPherson

After seven years of franchise network growth; supporting new business owners to establish their own care businesses, Radfield Home Care has achieved the coveted member status of “Established” with the British Franchise Association (BFA).

What is the BFA Established status?

The BFA is the voice of ethical franchising in the UK and accredits its members to ensure they follow the Franchising Code of Ethics. Along with accreditation, each BFA member is also assigned a level, indicating how well-developed the business is. The highest of these levels, awarded to only the biggest names in UK franchising is BFA Established; now held by Radfield Home Care.

BFA Chair and Right at Home UK founder, Ken Deary presented the BFA Established accreditation to Radfield Home Care co-founders Alex Green and Dr Hannah MacKechnie. Ken said:

“Congratulations for taking the long-term and quality approach”.

Radfield Home Care founders and Ken Dreary celebrate BFA Established status from the british franchise association

L-r: Ken Dreary, Alex Green, and Dr Hannah MacKechnie.

Delighted with the new BFA status, Radfield Home Care’s Operations Director, Neil McPherson joined us for a chat about what this means for their network, their team, and prospective franchise owners.

What is the BFA accreditation process like?

“It is a very robust process and you have to prove you meet a series of standards. You must prove you are a stable franchisor, provide financial projections and prove those projections are achievable.”

The BFA is the “voice of ethical franchising”, how does ethical franchising benefit franchise partners and their communities?

“It’s about assurance for anyone looking at franchising, that you are getting a certified, stable franchisor, following a model you can trust and that delivers results for franchisees.

“This accreditation also shows that we want to better ourselves and meet the highest standards for ethical franchising, providing the best support we can for our network. With this support we are enabling our offices to empower their care teams and deliver the best possible care in their local areas.”

What more can a BFA Established franchisor offer a potential franchise partner?

“The BFA sets very high standards for their memberships and accreditations. ‘Established’ is their highest accreditation in the UK and as an Established franchisor we can now show that we follow the most stringent code of ethics.”

“The reaccreditation shows we are investing heavily in our network, providing them with a reliable support team, a stable business and a robust model that’s going to give them long-term success.”

What does the reaccreditation and upgraded status mean for Radfield Home Care?

“When looking to join a franchise, people are looking for a business that has potential and a high standard to begin with, and it’s always a risk to join a business that’s in that growth stage. With an Established franchisor like Radfield, that has proven its model and has been able to attract more talent, we can show that our support enables franchisees to succeed. We have got a team at Radfield national office who class themselves as the best in their fields when it comes to empowering franchises.

“It’s also an affirmation that everything we have been building over the past six years has proved to be successful for our network.”

What is your personal reaction to the reaccreditation and upgraded status?

“I am feeling a massive amount of pride. We have worked long and hard as a team, as a franchise, and a network. This is a great milestone to achieve and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone.”

“A big thank you must go to the national office team. They are very dedicated, passionate and proud of what they do on a day-to-day basis.

“I would also pass on thanks to the current network of franchise partners, care managers, and all the office teams. It was the evidence of their success that we were able to provide to the BFA for the accreditation. And, of course, thank you to our Care Professionals themselves. They’re the face of the business, and they’re the people that look after our clients, making a huge difference to people’s lives up and down the country.”

What would you say to anyone looking for a change and considering a franchise business?

“Consider the franchise you want to join and why you want to join that organisation. It has got to be the right fit for you and for the franchisor, and ultimately that all comes down to culture and ethics. With us at Radfield, it is important that you want to build a successful business and help people in your community.”

If you are considering a change in your career, or want to know more about starting your own home care business, reach out to the Radfield team at [email protected] or click here to learn more about owning a Radfield franchise.


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