Improving inclusion in our network: Black History Month 2022

3 October 2022

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Written byOwain Farrington

Improving inclusion in our network: Black History Month 2022

In an attempt to provide guidance for our network on offering equal opportunities and cultivating a welcoming culture for clients and teams, we at Radfield Home Care created our Equality and Inclusion policy. While we are proud to have this policy, this is the bare minimum you should be able to expect from a modern organisation. 

We also have the problem that a policy, created by a small, non-diverse team cannot offer comprehensive Equality & Inclusion guidance. The voices that matter the most in our policy are not currently (as of writing) present in it. That needs to change, now.


We can and will do better. This is how.

Radfield Home Care is forming a Diversity Steering Group (DSG), made up of members from across our network and from all levels of the organisation.

The DSG is open for everyone in our network to join and currently, 14 people from across our offices, representing a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have put their names forward to be members.

Featuring office staff and care team members, the DSG will regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure that inclusion is promoted across our network. The DSG will directly contribute to and steer our future policies, and we shall continue to promote the group throughout our network to encourage innovation and wide-reaching representation. 

The first meeting of the DSG is scheduled for November and we look forward to the insights they will bring.


No single person’s responsibility

True systematic change does not happen overnight and it cannot be done by anyone alone. This article has been written by a white man (hello) in an office based in rural England who cannot possibly grasp what it is to be black in modern Britain. I can express as much empathy as I want but the hard truth is that I won’t ever know what it is like. This does not mean I have no role in helping bring about change.

What I, and everyone else, can do is identify and accept where we have faltered along with how we can improve. Recognise and call out racial inequality when we see it and acknowledge that just because we are not directly affected, it does not mean we have no responsibility in making the world a fairer and safer place.

At Radfield Home Care, we are here to help the nation age well by remaining connected to the things that matter most to them. We cannot do that without providing an inclusive and welcoming culture for our diverse teams of Care Professionals, office staff, and wonderful clients. That is why we shall constantly strive to do and be better, for our teams, and for the communities we support.

For more on the background of Radfield Home Care, read about us here. If you are a part of the Radfield Home Care network and you are interested in joining the DSG, please contact a member of your office management team.


Owain Farrington – Marketing Manager


Owain Farrington

Owain Farrington

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