Radfield Home Care Caring for our Carers™ Pledge

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Radfield Home Care Caring for our Carers™ Pledge


We introduced our Caring for our Carers™ Pledge last week to coincide with National Carers Rights Day and so far we have had a fantastic response from the media both locally and nationally with coverage including www.homecare.co.uk, and the Guardian social care network.


We created the pledge as we wanted to make a statement to demonstrate how we believe carers should be treated by their employers. There are so many negative stories in the press about home care companies and there are never any stories about the many excellent home care providers who greatly value their carers and take pride in operating the highest standards of service.


In creating the pledge we hope that it will encourage other home care providers to look after their carers properly with the pay and conditions that they deserve for the challenging and responsible job that they do day in and day out.


We also hope that the pledge will empower carers who may not be receiving the correct pay and conditions from their employers to challenge this and try to improve their working conditions.


At Radfield Home Care we will continue to drive forward best practice in the home care sector and we are thrilled that our Caring for our Carers™ Pledge is off to such a great start.


You can read the full Caring for our Carers™ pledge.