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Tips For Going On Holiday With Older Loved Ones

4 July 2024

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Written byOwain Farrington

Tips For Going On Holiday With Older Loved Ones

Travelling with older loved ones can be a rewarding and enriching experience, giving you the chance to create some great memories together. However, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure the trip is comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free for everyone! Here are some tips to help you plan a successful holiday with your older loved ones:

Research and Preparation:

Destination Selection

Choose a destination that suits the interests, mobility and health needs of your older loved ones, for example, a place with good healthcare facilities, accessible transportation and senior-friendly attractions.


Look for accommodations that are accessible and comfortable with ground-floor rooms or places with lifts as this can make a significant difference. Ensure the accommodation has necessary amenities like handrails, walk-in showers and easy access to dining and recreational areas.

Pace Yourself

Plan a relaxed itinerary with plenty of downtime whilst avoiding cramming too many activities into one day as your older loved one will fatigue easier.

Consult their Doctor or GP:

Medical Check-Up

Schedule a check-up with their doctor or GP before your trip to ensure your loved ones are fit for travel. You should discuss any specific health concerns or requirements with their healthcare provider.


Before travelling, ensure they have enough medication for the entire trip, plus a few extra days in case of delays. You should also carry a copy of their prescriptions and a list of medications.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations and lost belongings. Make sure the policy is suitable for older travellers and covers pre-existing conditions.

Pack the Essentials:

Comfortable Clothing

Pack light, comfortable clothing suitable for the climate of your destination whilst not forgetting to include layers, as older adults can be more sensitive to temperature changes.

Mobility Aids

Organise or bring their necessary mobility aids like walking sticks or wheelchairs. Even if your older loved one doesn’t usually need them, these can be helpful for long days of sightseeing and in hot temperatures.

Personal Comfort Items

Take time to pack items that bring comfort and familiarity to your loved one, such as a favourite pillow, blanket or snacks!

Transportation Tips:

Airport Assistance

If you are flying to your holiday destination, arrange for airport assistance to help with navigation, boarding and luggage. The majority of airports offer wheelchair services and priority boarding for elderly passengers so take full advantage of these.

Seating Arrangements

Try to book seats with extra legroom that are close to the bathroom when booking flights or trains. On long trips, encourage your loved ones to move around occasionally to avoid stiffness and improve their blood circulation.

Engage in Activities:

Shared Interests

Think about what both you and your loved one enjoy and book activities that everyone can do together. This could be gentle walks, museum visits, cultural tours or leisurely boat rides.

Include Downtime

Rest and relaxation is essential to keeping the holiday enjoyable and your loved one from becoming exhausted, so make sure to plan some downtime in between activities.


Be prepared to adjust your plans based on your loved one’s energy levels and preferences. You should always listen to their needs and make changes as necessary to ensure they’re comfortable and happy.

Hydration and Snacks

On a holiday in the sun, it’s vital to stay hydrated so keep water and healthy snacks handy to avoid dehydration and maintain your loved ones’ energy levels throughout the day.

Travelling with older loved ones can be an amazing way to create lifelong memories and give everyone the chance to bond together. By planning ahead, considering health and safety, packing smart, ensuring comfortable travel, making the trip enjoyable and maintaining good communication, you can ensure a smooth and delightful holiday for everyone. With thoughtful preparation, you can navigate the unique challenges of travelling with older adults and focus on enjoying the journey and the moments you’ll share.

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