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A simple way to feel safer at home.

OKEachDay is perfect for people who live on their own and whose families want daily reassurance they are OK.

Simply press the “OKEachDay” button on our easy-to-use touchscreen before a time of your choosing to confirm all is well.

Key features of OKEachDay

If the button is not pressed by the agreed time, you receive a call to ensure you are ok.

Choose up to two contact times a day. If unable to reach you, our friendly team will let your specified contacts know.

Connects via SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Putting you in control:

  • It helps you feel safer while reassuring friends and family.
  • Protects you and your loved ones in-between care visits.
  • You can contact Radfield Home Care directly through the tablet device.
  • No need to wear a pendant or wrist device.
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How it works:

You are sent a new smart tablet device with an OKEachDay button on it.


Let the team know you're OK

You press the OKEachDay button before one or more times chosen by you each day, e.g. after you get up and before going to bed.

Check-ins from the team

If you do not – a member of the friendly OKEachDay team will call you to ask how you are.

If we can't reach you

If after several attempts, OKEachDay can’t get hold of you, a nominated individual will be contacted.

We'll assess if emergency services need to be contacted

In some cases, emergency services may be contacted if it is thought to be necessary.

Frequently asked questions about OKEachDay

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Who should my OKEachDay nominated contacts be?

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