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A Story of Dedication: Radfield Home Care Professional Brings Joy Amidst Flooding

15 January 2024

Local News

Written byMatt Barnes

A Story of Dedication: Radfield Home Care Professional Brings Joy Amidst Flooding

Making a Difference with Home Care in the UK

In the heart of Marlow, located on the River Thames, an extraordinary event played out during the recent floods. Care Professional, Manuel Camejo, from Radfield Home Care Wycombe, Beaconsfield & South Bucks expressed his dedication in a unique way. Through the depths of floodwater, Manuel Camejo waded in with his ukelele to raise dampened spirits of clients and the local community.

Manuel said: “It’s wonderful that my job allows me to play the ukulele and adds a unique touch to my life.

I embrace challenges which can lead to my personal growth and fulfilment. Incorporating the ukulele into my work equipment for social visits is a creative and engaging way to connect with clients. It adds a personal and memorable touch.

I like embracing the Radfield – Be There campaign which allows me to do a little bit extra each day.”

Care Professionals are passionate about helping our nation age well, ensuring our clients stay connected to the things that matter most to them. For many this means overcoming those common barriers of loneliness and isolation, though in some cases it can mean overcoming the weather elements to bring joy to people.

Drumming Up Sunshine Amidst Weathering the Storm

On a day when Marlow was battling floods, one of our Care Professionals decided to ripple cheer around him. Armed with perseverance, a ukulele and heavy-duty waterproofs, he carefully waded through the waterlogged streets of Marlow, doing so with grace, a tune and a smile on his face.

Neighbours and bystanders were greeted by the unusual sight of a Care Professional, braving the floods while playing a ukulele. Undeterred by the unexpected weather conditions, he showed his commitment to spreading joy through a loving lilt of music. His actions were not merely an embodiment of our spirit at Radfield Home Care but also a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing quality home care services.

Matt Barnes, Director and owner of Radfield Home Care Wycombe, Beaconsfield & South Bucks, said: “Great care, to us, means more than just attending to the practical aspects of daily life. It means creating relationships where our clients feel valued, heard, and understood. We strive to build meaningful connections with those under our care, recognising the importance of emotional well-being alongside physical health.

Our commitment to great care is not just a slogan; it is a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our service. We continually strive to exceed expectations, ensuring that our clients not only receive the assistance they need but also experience a level of care that enhances their quality of life.”

Care Professional safety and flood water precautions

The safety and wellbeing of our Care Professionals is a top priority at Radfield Home Care. While we have endeavoured to provide at-home care in flooded areas of Buckinghamshire, we have only done so in areas where water levels have been deemed low enough and safe enough to do. We have also not asked any of our team members to enter water that has been deemed dangerous or without appropriate protection. Please remember, flood water is unhygienic and we take proper precautions to ensure our teams and clients are not directly exposed to it.

Regarding his own wade across the water, Manuel said

“I prioritised safety and assessed risks before making the decision to go for this visit. I was checking for potential dangers and ensuring the environment was safe for me to carry out my task.”

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Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes


A qualified financial planner, using his experience to grow a business and support the local older community.

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