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Radfield Home Care Day Centre: Bridging Generations and Combating Loneliness

9 July 2024

Local News

Written byMatt Barnes

Radfield Home Care Day Centre: Bridging Generations and Combating Loneliness

Radfield Home Care Wycombe, Beaconsfield, and South Bucks have launched a vibrant day centre since September 2023, aimed at fostering connections and combating loneliness among seniors. The day centre offers a comprehensive array of activities designed to keep seniors active, engaged, and happy.

Full Day of Activities

Our day centre operates with a packed schedule, ensuring that our clients are always engaged. Each day begins with morning stretches, promoting physical activity and helping maintain flexibility. Alternating weeks feature nail and hand massages, providing a soothing and pampering experience. We also organise a variety of games and creative activities, which are excellent for stimulating both the mind and body.

One of our popular activities includes our memory sessions, where we engage in conversations on diverse subjects. Recently, we have introduced the Memory Bag from Wycombe Library, filled with nostalgic pictures, sensory items, and puzzles, which serve as wonderful conversation starters and cognitive exercises.

Wycombe Day Care Centre Activities

Nourishing Meals and Local Support

At lunchtime, we enjoy delicious meals prepared by Chris’s Cafe from Studley Green, a local business we proudly support. The freshly cooked food is not only nutritious but also adds a touch of local flavour to our day.

Afternoon Fun and Entertainment

Afternoons at our centre are just as lively. We play various board games, with Bingo being a crowd favourite. We also offer fresh fruit snacks and have a special treat in the form of live music. One of our carers delights everyone by playing the ukulele, encouraging sing-alongs of beloved songs. Additionally, we regularly host special guests and live music performances by talented local singers like Lorna, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to our day.

Positive Impacts on Our Clients

The positive impact of our day centre on our clients is remarkable. For instance, one of our clients, who has attended since the very beginning, looks forward to each session. His mood has significantly improved, and he actively participates in conversations and activities, showing notable improvement in puzzle-solving and other tasks.

Another client, who had avoided social activities for the past five years, was encouraged by our supervisor, Kerry, to visit the centre. With personalised attention and care, she now regularly attends and enjoys the social interaction, marking a significant turnaround in her social life.

Intergenerational Joy

Recently, during school half-term holiday, we invited children to visit our day centre. This day turned out to be one of the most memorable, as the children and seniors interacted, read books, exercised, played Dog Bingo, and engaged in lively chats. The highlight was a Quiz game between the adults and children, the smiles, laughter, and memories created during this interaction were priceless, demonstrating the profound joy of bridging generations.

Children wrote about their experience of Day care:

‘’As a teenager I thought that waking up early, being dragged out of bed in the morning would mean no fun and no entertainment for a few hours. I was wrong. The day centre run by Hana Beever was well thought out and sculpted to the needs of each and every person in there. With love and care all the way with help of the carers this business can be brought to life and I hope there is more to come in the future.’’ – Henry, age 15 years old

‘’Thank you for having me at your day centre. It was an amazing pleasure that I got to have. It was so fun playing with the people who attend. I could have stayed at home but I thought that I should go because I wanted to see what goes on in the day centre. I loved playing and didn’t let the ball touch the ground, which all of them liked. I also loved meeting all of the carers that help”. – Lottie, age 9 years old

Wycombe Day Care Centre Activities

Join Us!

If you feel lonely or simply want to change your routine for a day each week, we welcome you to join us. We also have a special summer event on 24th July, and we would love to see new faces. Our day centre is a place of joy, laughter, new friendships, and great entertainment. Come and experience the positive atmosphere and become part of our wonderful community.

By attending our day centre, you not only enrich your own life but also become part of a vibrant community that supports and uplifts each other. We look forward to welcoming you!


Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes


A qualified financial planner, using his experience to grow a business and support the local older community.

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