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Helping Bromley Thrive: Launching Connections Workshops at Kendall Lodge

14 June 2024

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Written byChanice Baugh

Helping Bromley Thrive: Launching Connections Workshops at Kendall Lodge

At Radfield Home Care Bromley, Orpington, and Beckenham, we have been delighted with the success of our “Connections Café” initiative, held at the Bromley Community House.

This innovative programme was designed to provide engaging and meaningful activities that aim to enhance the well-being of our community members. From heartwarming performances by the Carers Choir and insightful sessions led by professional photographers teaching the perfect selfie, to nostalgic readings by the Quest Soul Theatre Group, bathing suit solo performances, Brenda’s Bingo, and creative arts and crafts, the café catered to a plethora of interests.

However, despite its success, we noticed that some potential attendees faced challenges related to the location, distance, and conflicting schedules.

Bridging the Gap with Connections Workshops

In response to these accessibility concerns, we proudly launched the “Connections Workshops”. These workshops travel to local residential and retirement facilities, bringing the vibrant experience of the Connections Café directly to the residents. This strategic decision ensures that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can partake in our enriching activities.

A Memorable Start at Kendall Lodge

Our first workshop took place on May 28, 2024, at Kendall Lodge in Bromley. This inaugural event featured an energetic musical therapy workshop that resonated deeply with the residents. The session was filled with melodious singing, enthusiastic instrument playing, boundless laughter, and a palpable sense of joy and engagement.

Chanice, our Co-founder and Registered Care Manager, along with Frankie, a Music for Wellbeing Practitioner, facilitated the session. Their combined passion and expertise fostered an inclusive and cheerful atmosphere that left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Chanice said:

“We are thrilled with the success of the initial workshop. Our team, along with the residents, had a fantastic time. We couldn’t have asked for more enthusiastic participation. A big thank you to everyone involved.”

Extending the benefits

Going forward, we at Radfield Home Care are committed to expanding this programme to include a variety of other therapeutic activities such as drama therapy and creative arts and crafts sessions. By extending these engaging workshops across various facilities within Bromley and the surrounding areas, we aim to ensure that all residents can experience the numerous benefits that the Connections Café has to offer.

Our Commitment to Quality Private Home Care in Bromley

With over 40 years of experience in providing exceptional private care in Bromley, Radfield Home Care remains dedicated to championing the kind of care that people not only need but genuinely want. Our core mission is to help our nation age well by keeping people connected to what truly matters most to them.

If you are interested in learning more about our wide range of home care services in Bromley, Orpington, and Beckenham, or if you would like to join our team of dedicated Care Professionals, please call us on 020 8064 2324 or view our care services here.


Chanice Baugh

Chanice Baugh

Director & Owner

Chanices’ experience in care compliance makes her an invaluable asset to the foundations of Radfield Home Care Bromley, Orpington & Beckenham.

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