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Radfield Home Care Bromley: Connecting Community at the Connections Cafe

6 November 2023

Local News

Written bySimi Ghuman

Radfield Home Care Bromley: Connecting Community at the Connections Cafe

At Radfield Home Care, our aim is not just to deliver premium home care in Bromley, but to foster a sense of companionship and community for our clients. We recognize the importance of social interaction, and as such, have partnered with Quest Soul Theatre C.I.C to host a unique event called the Connections Cafe.

A community gathering for shared connections

The Connections Cafe is held on the last Tuesday each month at Community House, Bromley from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Designed to be dementia friendly, the event is free of charge and includes tea and cake! With its inaugural session on 26th September 2023, the event has quickly become a highlight for many in our community.

The healing power of art and play

Loneliness is a growing issue, particularly amongst the elderly. To combat this, our Care Professionals integrate art, discussion, and play into their approach. These activities provide an opportunity for self-expression and the possibility to form supportive relationships. At Radfield Home Care Bromley, we understand that companionship is as critical to wellbeing as quality home care.

Art can soothe, heal, and provide an outlet for feelings that may otherwise be difficult to articulate. Our Care Professionals often incorporate creative activities such as painting, drawing or writing into their sessions to help individuals process emotions and find solace in their creativity.

Creating connections through shared interests

Beyond the therapeutic benefits of art, the Connections Cafe also facilitates social interaction. Everyone is encouraged to participate in group activities, creating opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends. This shared sense of community is especially important for those who may feel disconnected or alone, and exemplifies our commitment to helping people age well.

Dedicated Care Professionals at Radfield Home Care Bromley

At Radfield Home Care, our Care Professionals go beyond the call of duty. They not only offer premium home care services but also actively encourage social participation to foster a sense of connection amongst our clients.

Mercedes Yearly, Director of Quest Soul Theatre C.I.C, notes the importance of these monthly events at the Connections Cafe in creating a safe space to express and work through feelings. At Radfield Home Care Bromley, we believe that quality of life is about more than just physical health – it’s about mental and emotional wellbeing too.

We invite you to learn more about our Home Care Services and encourage anyone looking for a rewarding career as a Care Professional to view our current job vacancies.


Simi Ghuman

Simi Ghuman

Director & Owner

Simi is from a big family with a strong emphasis on looking after older relatives. It’s the strong emotional connection to family that motivated her to launch a business in home care.

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