Epsom & Leatherhead

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Kirsty Laming

Kirsty Laming

Office Manager

We would like to introduce you to Kirsty, Office Manager for Radfield Home Care Epsom & Leatherhead.

Kirsty first joined Radfield as a care professional in January 2024, having already worked in care for an impressive 16 years. A dedicated and qualified professional within the care sector, Kirsty describes her background:

“At 19 I started working in a nursing home (for 4 years) then I worked for a few domiciliary care companies (for 4 years). Then I worked for Sutton social services with their rehabilitation team (3 years) and then I was a private carer up until 2022 (learning how to do some of the paperwork side of things). Last year I worked in a small independent pharmacy. I started off as a teenager knowing nothing about care, but over the years have learnt and understood the different needs and challenges faced by those requiring care. I’ve met people from all walks of life, in all different circumstances. I’ve taken every learning opportunity given to me to help support various health conditions and provide personalised care.”

Kirsty is passionate about the delivery of the highest level of care and knows just what an important difference it can make, as she explains:

“My background has equipped me with the knowledge, empathy, and expertise to provide exceptional care. I’ve seen first hand what amazing care can do for someone. Compassionate care can have such a positive impact on well being and quality of life. Personal experiences with family members has shown me how important this is, and how kindness should be at the forefront in everything we do. When I started working in care I knew very little. I’ve worked in different care settings and seen clients in all different stages of their care journey and learnt to understand. I’ve taken different skills and experience from each role I’ve had and feel committed to make sure clients receive the highest quality of care, that they are listened to and treated with kindness and compassion.”