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We teamed up with Hilldrop community centre to deliver jubilee fun

10 June 2022

Local News

Written byGlyn Clark

We teamed up with Hilldrop community centre to deliver jubilee fun

We’ve been busy over the jubilee period! It’s been a fantastic time to get out into the local community and show everyone that we are here to help our clients remain connected to what matters most to them.

Tea, cakes & hobby-horses!

We’ve teamed up with the Hilldrop community centre to help them distribute thousands of flyers to publicise their jubilee event. The day began at 3pm with a tea party on Community Lane. After tucking into some cakes and a cup of tea, we were treated to an international supper in the fantastic Hilldrop gardens. Children and families were encouraged to dress up for the big jubilee parade, even featuring hobby-horses, trikes and scooters!

4:30pm onwards saw the community get to experience an artistic takeover performance, followed by a garden party that went on until 8:30pm! The day was filled with fun and laughter, with a wonderful assortment of entertainment, including the Hilldrop Ukelele Band and the Camden Harmony Singers Choir.

“We are delighted to support Hilldrop in publicising this opportunity to celebrate the jubilee and bring awareness to residents’ of the wonderful array of activities provided by the community Centre. It will also allow residents to see the greening activities that have taken place in the old car park.”

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Glyn Clark

Glyn Clark

Director & Owner

An experienced professional who believes home care is essential in promoting wellbeing and helping people age well in their own homes and communities.

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