Micha's Story - I never imagined I could become a carer

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Michas story

I wanted to share my journey how I became a carer for Radfield…

As I was growing up, I always cared about how other people felt; their opinions, their views and their stories. I always thought I would grow up and become a hairdresser, as I knew that my main focus was to make people feel good and to be there to listen.

I studied beauty while I was still in school, continued a level 2 NVQ at Barking and Dagenham college, and then went into hairdressing. I found out I was pregnant whilst studying at college, and this led me to take a break from everything to focus on my family.

Having my daughter made me see the world differently, I was supporting my daughter, watching a child grow and realising that it was because of me that she had become stronger day by day and learnt more things as each day went by. I took a huge amount of pride and happiness from this, I realised that every day you can learn new things, and become a stronger and better person in yourself with just having another person around.

Realising I had made a difference to my child’s life, I spent a lot of time thinking about when my Aunt passed away following her struggle with cancer and my nan passing away due to another illness. I wished I had all the knowledge I have now as a carer, as although it would not have given me more time, at least I could have made their time easier, and make it count more. At this stage in my life, I decided to take some time to figure out what kind of job I would want in life.


mischa care assistant radfield havering 

Micha- Care Assistant, feeling excited about developing her career with Radfield Home Care Havering and Brentwood


I started looking for work again, telling myself I do not want a job working for a company stacking shelves or something similar, I wanted to feel that my work matters and that I can make a difference to someone’s life.

I applied to work for Radfield, and as soon as I had my interview my gut told me this is where I was destined to be. Since I started, I have become a stronger individual and have achieved more knowledge and I know there is still a lot more to achieve. I know this company is amazing and have such a good support network, the clients I have met have made a difference to my life and I feel I have also made a difference as well to theirs. I look forward to growing and developing more in my career as a carer with Radfield.

To hear more about Micha's care journey with Radfeld, take a look at this video, which may answer a few of your own questions when thinking about a career in care.

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