Radfield Home Care, More Than Just Care!

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Jennie Bardrick, owner and director of Radfield Home Care Havering and Brentwood comments,

“Recently a family member of a much loved client said that we should have a slogan to emphasise all the good work that we do. His suggestion was - ‘more than just care".


I pondered a lot about what he meant by this, and I think what he meant is that we don’t just focus on the list of care tasks that need to be completed when we visit our clients, our service is all about looking after, whilst looking out for the emotional well-being of all of our clients and their families.

Everyone at Radfield prides themselves on the service that we offer and communicates brilliantly as a team to ensure families and loved ones are kept in the loop continuously regarding our clients and their needs.

Thanks to all our wonderful care team, whom without, we wouldn’t received such wonderful reviews…”

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