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Seeing the same GP can reduce dementia hospital rates by 21%

14 July 2022

Local News

Written byLisa Cable

Seeing the same GP can reduce dementia hospital rates by 21%

We are on a mission to support your loved ones in our local community. We want to help them age well and remain connected to what matters most to them. We aim to achieve this by sharing information to enable you and us to Be There for your loved ones as they age.

A British Medical Journal study cited by The Independent has shown that a GP’s continuity of care is critical for people living with Dementia.

  • People living with Dementia are 21% less likely to be admitted to the hospital if they see the same GP.
  • A study of 34,000 people in the UK proves this is critical to care standards.
  • An estimated 1.6m people will live with Dementia by 2050.

We have seen first-hand the positive impact that seeing the same GP can have on our clients and the wider family. By visiting the same person and developing a relationship, any changes in the client’s condition can be identified and acted upon quickly, resulting in fewer hospital admissions. The positive relationship between the GP and the client’s family also gave them invaluable advice and support.

Professor Martin Marshall from the Royal College of GPs states:

“Knowing and being known by your GP is good for your health”.

Further stating that if relationships were a drug, then they would be mandated for clinical use.

Significantly, people who are at the end of their lives living with Dementia are 34% less likely to be admitted to the hospital. A blessing for clients and families at what is already an extremely challenging and distressing time. For GPs that provide this continuity of care, it must be a source of great pride to know their positive impact on their clients living with Dementia.

We understand that sometimes getting your loved one to visit a GP can be difficult. This difficulty is often exacerbated if they’re living with dementia. Everyone experiences dementia differently, however if they’re having difficulty communicating, you could try some of these handy tips from Relish:

  • Make eye contact with the person.
  • Remove distractions like turning the television down.
  • Be patient and remain calm so everyone can communicate better.
  • Approach them from the front and identify yourself first before speaking.
  • Prepare to use body language and physical contact.

Be There Action: If you or a loved one is living with Dementia, then contact your GP to discuss the continuity of care they can provide. Try to ensure that your loved one has a named GP and that they see this Doctor at each visit.


Lisa Cable

Lisa Cable

Director & Owner

An experienced business manager, Lisa oversees the operations and direction of Radfield Home Care Havering and Romford.

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