Thank You Havering! A Big Thank You

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Radfield Home Care Havering and Brentwood were lucky enough to attend the Havering ‘Big Thank You’ event, earlier this month. The event was hosted by Havering Council to celebrate the work of the local volunteers in the community.

Since starting Radfield Home care we have been positively struck by the amount of volunteering that takes place across the Havering community and how much value it brings to the local residents.

From the volunteers at St Francis Hospice to the 2k Junior Park Run in Harrow Lodge Park, it all makes a huge difference and ensures Havering is a great place to live and work. Therefore, it truly was a pleasure to see so many people (600 people to be precise!) receive their awards from the Deputy Mayor and have a celebratory afternoon tea in the regally themed marquee.

At the Radfield Home Care stall we took our own twist on the ‘Big Thank You’ and encouraged people to nominate a volunteer, they felt, had made a special contribution to the Havering community, to win a prize from Radfield and of course in true Radfield style, there was free cake!

Di from Di's Diamonds & Jennie Bardrick from Radfield Home Care

Di from Di’s Diamonds and Jennie Bardrick from Radfield Home Care at the Havering “Big Thank You” Event

We were fortunate to meet so many wonderful people who have spent tireless hours helping and supporting the community. Di ….. who set-up the fabulous Di’s Diamonds an initiative that has supported and encouraged people to get out and about and stay active and independent. Especially people that have suffered the loss of a loved one.

As we knew it would be too difficult to choose from all of the deserving nominations so we decided to pull the winning nomination from a jar!

Richard our Worthy Volunteer Winner

Richard the worthy nominated volunteer. Always giving to others he plans to share his gifts with his social clubs members!

Richard was the lucky volunteer that won the Prosecco and Chocolates - his wonderful daughter Julie nominated him for the fantastic work that he does tirelessly running three social clubs in the social community.

Overall, it was a wonderful day and apart from the gazebo nearly flying off in the wind and the Cupcake icing getting smudged in the rain it couldn't have been better. As we said one of the reasons we started Radfield was to make a difference to the local community and today served as a huge reinforcement of why this is so important.

Volunteers are the heart of the community and they should be celebrated today and always.

“I may only be one person, but I can be one person that makes a difference #volunteering.”


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