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Why care is more than just a job – Karl’s home care story

10 July 2020

Local News

Written byDawn Phillips

Why care is more than just a job – Karl’s home care story

We would like to introduce you to Karl, a Worcester field care supervisor for Radfield Home Care.

Tell us about your previous care work/career background.

“For 25 years I worked in the doors, windows and conservatories business which sometimes involved installing these for the care sector. I had a good friend who worked at one of the care providers and she would always stand there and say ‘I don’t know why you don’t go into care, nothing phases you and you treat everyone as individuals’. This really made me think about a career in care.”

“I then worked at a residential care home but didn’t like it as sadly the impression I got was that it was often about the money rather than the standard of care. An opportunity then came up at Radfield in Worcester and I have now been here for three and half years and was recently promoted from care assistant to field care supervisor.”

What has inspired you to want to be involved in the adult social care sector?

“I have always been a caring person and like to talk to people, often I put people before myself. I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky type of person and my approach with clients is that I joke around and treat clients as I’d treat my own parents.”

“My clients have been through more in life than I have, they’ve seen a lot more and I think it’s just nice to be there and listen to their interesting tales. At times it doesn’t feel like a job, it’s a lovely feeling to have. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and think that for some 9 to 5 jobs you have to crawl out of bed for it, but not as a caregiver, I wake up and look forward to my day. A care job certainly isn’t all about the money, you have to have the heart to do it.”

Why Radfield Home Care agency?

“In my old job at the residential care home we would often get into trouble if we spent too long settling a client and I struggled with that. Within reason, it should take as long as it takes to get the client comfortable and ready. Radfield believes in this and I don’t feel under any unworkable time restraints.”

“The Radfield office team is also always there for advice – if you need training you only have to ask and they sort it out for you. If you request to be upskilled in a particular area of the care you provide, you just have to notify the office and they will put relevant care training in place.”

How did you get to hear about the job opportunity?

“It was a bit of a strange story, when I came out of the window business and moved to the care home role, my Father was unfortunately very poorly and I needed to find a job opportunity to work around this. I was visiting Worcester job centre and someone from Radfield happened to be in there! They said ‘why don’t we have a chat’ and when I did I got a phone call back that day to go to the office.”

What are your career aspirations?

“I have recently been promoted from care assistant to field care supervisor. It was a really positive experience and it came at the right time. I got a lot of great feedback from my clients and the manager said I’m a problem solver. At Radfield I am able to take responsibility and have the trust to come up with solutions that I can present to the management team. This is so important if you are on call and you need to come up with appropriate responses quickly.”

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

“A couple of years ago, a client that I visited had Epilepsy and when I arrived I thought to myself that he really wasn’t his usual self. I decided to call for an ambulance which took him straight to hospital. Later on that day I received a message from his Daughter saying that he had a bad seizure in the ambulance and that if I hadn’t called them he would have been very ill. They now say that I’m not his carer, I’m part of the family. I still have the pleasure of visiting him now.”

Do you have any inspiring photos/memories you may wish to share?

“One in particular stands out for me and I got the feedback from my Manager. I recently attended a home care visit for a regular client of mine and I gave them a shave and did their hair as normal. Later that day my client had a visit from the Doctor and District Nurse, where the Dr asked ‘who does his personal care? We have to say that we are very impressed with his appearance and the high level of personal care’. That was so nice to know and it meant a lot, especially because it had been recognised by others within the care sector.”

What do you love most about your job and working for Radfield Home Care?

“I really enjoy the people I work with! I tend to think I get on well with the people at Radfield, they look at me to resolve issues and as someone who has something to offer experience wise. We have taken on a lot of new carers and once the initial period of office training is over they come out to us for shadowing. For me, when someone is new you have to nurture someone before they can thrive, something that Radfield readily supports and encourages.”


Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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