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Return to work brings new challenges to family carers

10 August 2020

Local News

Written byDawn Phillips

Return to work brings new challenges to family carers

As Covid-19 restrictions start to ease and more people, including family carers, return to work, a fresh set of challenges are starting to emerge for those who have been providing care for loved ones during lockdown.

While each family carers’ experience of balancing work commitments with the provision of care will be different, there are some themes that are common. Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich and Malvern is here to support family members through these changing times.

Here are a few challenges that are likely to arise as we return to the ‘new normal’, and more importantly some solutions that Radfield can offer….

A change in availability for home carers to visit and support loved ones

The work/life balance has seen a dramatic shift over the last few months’ as we adapted to the new pattern of ‘work from home’. For some this has been a mixed experience, with a positive aspect being that they were able to spend more time supporting others, such as their parents, grandparents or partners.

As carers start to return to work this may create concern that the frequency of their visits to a loved one may need to reduce, however the care need is still the same – leading many to struggle with what is already a finely tuned balance. Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich and Malvern understands how changes in a carer’s availability can cause considerable stress for all concerned and are there to help bridge this gap – to provide the reassurance needed that a loved one will still be receiving the highest level of care and support, for example, a daily morning call.

Ensuring safety for loved ones as care professionals enter the workplace

In many households the option to return to work, and to enter environments previously deemed as ‘higher risk’, will have naturally prompted much discussion. For a carer, or for someone receiving care, decisions about how best to navigate current legislation, and how to adapt to a changing risk environment can be complex – often with differences in opinion on what is, or isn’t, acceptable.

For those who are unwilling, or unable, to introduce a higher level of risk into their daily care routine, the option to use care professionals who are fully trained and follow the latest health and safety guidance is a clear solution. Radfield is committed to providing the safest levels of care possible to their clients and is fully compliant with all government safety regulations and requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE).

For carers who are returning to work, having to balance complex risk assessments, alongside the demands of being a carer, is now becoming commonplace. Radfield Home Worcester, Droitwich and Malvern is here to provide essential support to family carers, enabling them to return to the ‘new normal’ of the workplace. By assuring that continuity of excellent care, Radfield is proud to be part of the solution and to help clients and carers navigate through the turbulent times of 2020.

If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care and the care support services offered, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or contact the branch directly on [email protected] or 01905 427 863.


Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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